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Northern Lords

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Release date / Patch
2021-03-16 / 1.3

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Northern Lords is the 1st flavor pack for Crusader Kings III. It was announced on 2021-03-13[1] and was released on 2021-03-16 alongside patch 1.3.

DLC featuresEdit

Best known as fierce raiders from a land of snow and legend, the Norse were a complex society where loyalty was based on more than a noble bloodline. Leaders had to prove themselves as warriors, yes, but also as judges and governors.

Northern Lords offer new events and cultural themes related to Norse society:

  • Norse Adventurer Realms: Norse characters may abandon their own homes and lead hosts into foreign lands to establish their own kingdoms.
  • Jomsvikings and Shieldmaidens: Norse holy warriors and stalwart shieldmaidens take up arms on your behalf, while poet characters can compose stinging rebukes or romantic overtures.
  • New Cultural Content: Special Norse dynastic legacies, Norse blot sacrifices, trials by combat and cultural innovations, as well as numerous new events for additional color.
  • New Art and Music: Original art and musical score to enhance your playing experience.
  • And more: Berserkers, missionaries, runestones, Varangian adventurers, new decisions and other highlights from the exciting history of the Norse people.

Patch featuresEdit

  • Winter is added to the map.
  • Duels between two characters.
  • Become a poet.


Cinematic trailersEdit

Northern Lords - Release Trailer. Gather your comrades around the fire to share tales of adventure and songs of victory. Live the life of a Norse ruler in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords.
Northern Lords - Announcement Teaser. Are you brave enough to live the life of a viking ruler? Write your own saga in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords.

Video diariesEdit

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords - Feature Breakdown. Join Game Director Alexander Oltner and Community Manager Troy Pruitt to get an in-depth look at Northern Lords and see what to expect in this newest Flavor Pack!

Dev diariesEdit

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All developer diaries about the Northern Lords flavor pack and patch 1.3 (aka Corvus) and patch 1.4 (aka Azure).

Patch 1.4 (Azure)
No. Title and Link Description Date
-- Releasing 1.4.2 "Azure" ... 2021-06-22
63 1.4.0 “Azure” Patch Notes Patchnotes for 1.4 2021-06-08
62 Monarch’s Journey unleashed Monarch’s Journey community challenge cosmetics made available and bug fixes 2021-06-01
60 The cost of Warfare Changes to Mercenaries, War Declaration and Factions 2021-05-18
59 Fantastic presets and where to save them Introduction of Presets for Rules and the Character Finder 2021-05-11
58 Stre(ss)tching the traits Changes to Stress in relation to Personality Traits 2021-05-04
57 An Eventful Summer New Lifestyle and Childhood Events 2021-04-27
56 An Azure Summer Preview of Minor Changes coming in 1.4 2021-04-20
55 Modding Improvements Modding improvements for patch 1.4 2021-04-13
Patch 1.3 (Corvus)
No. Title and Link Description Date
54 A Sound Plan Behind the scenes on SFX and music design for Northern Lords 2021-03-30
53 Northern Lords Content Rundown Reflection and retroperspective on content design in Northern Lords 2021-03-23
52 1.3 ‘Corvus’ Patch Notes Full 1.3 patch notes and showcase of more free additions 2021-03-16
51 It’s Time to Duel Introduction of the duel mechanic. More 1.3 patch notes 2021-03-09
50 Poetry to my Ears Introduction of the poet trait and poetry interactions. Sneek peek at 1.3 patch notes 2021-03-02
49 A Cold Embrace Upcoming winter mechanics in Crusader Kings 3 2021-02-23
48 The Team Game developers team status and organization 2021-02-16


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