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Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts available in the game.[1]

Main screens

Key Icon Screen
F1 Player character
F2 Realm
F3 Council
F4 Military
F5 Intrigue (schemes, hooks, secrets, prisoners)
F6 Factions
F7 Decisions

Other screens

Key Screen
C Character finder
V Find title
⇆Tab Issues (suggestions based on your situation)
F8 Encyclopedia
` (backtick) Console
⎋Esc Close most screens; open in-game menu
B "Back" on many screens

Map modes

Map modes differ not only in what they display but also in what left-clicks do. However, right-clicking always goes to the county owner.

Key Icon Map mode Notes
e Realms

The primary map mode, its behavior adapts depending on zoom level.

  • Far (paper map): Shows independent realms. ^Ctrl+click to see vassals.
  • Mid (political map): Shows independent realms and your direct liege's vassals. Click or ^Ctrl+click to see vassals.
  • Near (details map): Shows terrain and holdings. Click a holding to view the county holdings screen, with that holding selected.
NumPad 4 Counties Shows counties. Click to view the county title screen.
u Duchy titles Shows de jure duchies. Click to view the duchy title screen.
i Kingdom titles Shows de jure kingdoms. Click to view the kingdom title screen.
o Empire titles Shows de jure empires. Click to view the empire title screen.
r Faiths Shows faiths. Click to view the faith and its doctrines.
t Cultures Shows cultures. Click to view the culture and its innovations.
y Houses Shows houses of independent rulers. Click to view the house and its dynasty's legacies.
NumPad 1 Players Shows multiplayer participants.
NumPad 2 Governments Shows the government type of each county holder and top liege.
NumPad 5 Terrain Shows the terrain of each barony. Hover for terrain name and supply limit.
NumPad 6 Development Shows the development level of each county.


Key Map action

W, A, S, D
, , ,

Pan map
🏠 Home Pan map to player capital and zoom in
RMB+Drag Adjust camera angle
Wheel Zoom map


Key Icon Function Notes
J Disband (press Enter to confirm)

Game speed

Key Icon Function Notes
1 Slowest 1 simulated day ≈ 2 seconds[2]
2 Slow 1 simulated day ≈ 1 second
3 Normal 1 simulated day ≈ 0.5 seconds
4 Fast 1 simulated day ≈ 0.2 seconds
5 Fastest Speed limited only by computer's processing power
NumPad - or Z Decrease game speed
NumPad + or X Increase game speed
␣ Space Pause/Unpause

Take screenshot

Key Function Location
F11 Screenshot ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/Screenshots
F12 Steam overlay screenshot Steam > Library > Crusader Kings III > Screenshots (shown on the right)

Your operating system may also have shortcuts for capturing a portion of your screen. See Screenshots on Windows or Screenshots on Mac.


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