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| {{key press|Tab}} || Issues (suggestions based on your situation)
| {{key press|Tab}} || Issues (suggestions based on your situation)
| {{key press|F8}} || Encyclopedia
| {{key press|`}} (backtick) || [[Console]]
| {{key press|`}} (backtick) || [[Console]]

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Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts available in the game.[1]

Main screens

Key Screen
F1 Player character (Guide)
F2 Realm
F3 Military (Warfare, Army, Hired Forces)
F4 Council
F5 Court (Prisoners)
F6 Intrigue (Schemes, Hooks, Secrets)
F7 Factions
F8 Decisions

Other screens

Key Screen
C Character finder
V Find title
⇆Tab Issues (suggestions based on your situation)
` (backtick) Console
⎋Esc Close most screens; open in-game menu
B "Back" on many screens

Map modes

Map modes differ not only in what they display but also in what left-clicks do. However, right-clicking always goes to the county owner.

Key Icon Map mode Notes
e Realms

The primary map mode, its behavior adapts depending on zoom level.

  • Far (paper map): Shows independent realms. ^Ctrl+click to see vassals.
  • Mid (political map): Shows independent realms and your direct liege's vassals. Click or ^Ctrl+click to see vassals.
  • Near (details map): Shows terrain and holdings. Click a holding to view the county holdings screen, with that holding selected.
l Counties Shows counties. Click to view the county title screen.
u Duchy titles Shows de jure duchies. Click to view the duchy title screen.
i Kingdom titles Shows de jure kingdoms. Click to view the kingdom title screen.
o Empire titles Shows de jure empires. Click to view the empire title screen.
r Faiths Shows faiths. Click to view the faith and its doctrines.
t Cultures Shows cultures. Click to view the culture and its innovations.
y Houses Shows houses of independent rulers. Click to view the house and its dynasty's legacies.
NumPad 1 Players Shows multiplayer participants.
h Governments Shows the government type of each county holder and top liege.
k Terrain Shows the terrain of each barony. Hover for terrain name and supply limit.
j Development Shows the development level of each county.


Key Map action

W, A, S, D
, , ,

Pan map
🏠 Home Pan map to player capital and zoom in
RMB+Drag Adjust camera angle
Wheel Zoom map


Key Icon Function Notes
J Disband (press Enter to confirm)

Game speed

Key Icon Function Notes
1 Slowest 1 simulated day ≈ 2 seconds[2]
2 Slow 1 simulated day ≈ 1 second
3 Normal 1 simulated day ≈ 0.5 seconds
4 Fast 1 simulated day ≈ 0.2 seconds
5 Fastest Speed limited only by computer's processing power
NumPad - or Z Decrease game speed
NumPad + or X Increase game speed
␣ Space Pause/Unpause

Take screenshot

Key Function Location
F11 Screenshot ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/Screenshots
F12 Steam overlay screenshot Steam > Library > Crusader Kings III > Screenshots (shown on the right)

Your operating system may also have shortcuts for capturing a portion of your screen. See Screenshots on Windows or Screenshots on Mac.


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