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Goverments are defined in the /common/governments folder, in the 00_government_types.txt file. More info available in

 feudal_government = {
         create_cadet_branches = yes 
         rulers_should_have_dynasty = yes
         dynasty_named_realms = yes
         council = yes/no  # The council is available for this ruler; default: yes
         regiments_prestige_as_gold = yes/not 	# Is this govenmnet type using prestige to buy and reinforce MaA Regiments? ( mainteance still costs gold ). default: no
         fallback = 1
# this line defines the type holding your government considers primary # you should use this line if you are changing the primary holding type your government type uses primary_holding = castle_holding # this line defines the type holding your government can also use without penalties # you should use this line if you are adding an aditional custom holding that your government type can use valid_holdings = { city_holding }
# this line defines those pesky restrictions: you need additional pylons temple/city holding required_county_holdings = { castle_holding city_holding church_holding }

vassal_contract = { feudal_government_taxes feudal_government_levies special_contract religious_rights fortification_rights coinage_rights succession_rights war_declaration_rights council_rights title_revocation_rights }
# Disable some AI features for this government type (all are enabled by default). /good if you want to cheat a bit :P # Note that some features might be disabled for other reasons (e.g. if not independent, if below a certain tier). ai = { use_lifestyle = yes/no imprison = yes/no # Imprison & release from prison start_murders = yes/no arrange_marriage = yes/no # Actively arrange marriages. Can still receive marriage requests if disabled. use_goals = yes/no # Use longterm goals (build holdings, perform major decisions, ...) use_decisions = yes/no # Use minor decisions use_scripted_guis = yes/no # Will evaluate using scripted guis perform_religious_reformation = yes/no }
color = hsv{ 0.67 1.00 0.78 } }