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The below is a collection of PDX video tutorials for Crusader Kings III.

Tours and Tournaments tutorials

Introducing Tours and Tournaments - Grand Tournaments. SnapStrategy prepares a Grand Tournament for all of Crusader Kings 3 fans. These epic tournies will give your characters a chance to prove their abilities in jousting, archery, poetry, and more!
Introducing Tours and Tournaments - Wedding Parties. SnapStrategy explains how weddings work. For reals, GRAND weddings that will bring guests from all over the world, build alliances, net prestige. Or maybe someone will get murdered at a feast? Who knows.
Introducing Tours and Tournaments - Adventures and Tours. No longer will your characters just magically appear in places, now they must tour there! Go on travels, adventures, and pilgrimage to holy sites! Because the true reward is in the journey, not the destination. Join SnapStrategy for the latest tour.
Introducing Tours and Tournaments - Knight Accolades. SnapStrategy shows off knight accolades, which is a powerful tool to use in Tours and Tournaments to promote your knights with attributes. Allowing you to create a unique court of knights to support your realm.
Introducing Tours and Tournaments - Free Update. There's nothing better than free. Every release at Paradox is accompanied by a free update that brings a wealth of new things to your game. SnapStrategy details all the new features!

Fate of Iberia tutorials

Introducing Fate of Iberia - The Struggle. A wide array of new features and content is coming to the Iberian peninsula, including a major new mechanic called "The Struggle". Chiches is showing us a teaser of what this mechanic entails and how it will affect your playthrough in the region as you seek to either conquer, make peace, or unify Iberia.
Introducing Fate of Iberia - New Content. Chiches is here to show off all the new events, decisions, artifacts, buildings, culture, traditions, religion and more in the "Fate of Iberia" flavor pack!
Introducing Fate of Iberia - Free Update. Check out all the free update content that comes out alongside "Fate of Iberia" for all owners of Crusader Kings 3!

Royal Court tutorials

Introducing Royal Court - Grandeur. Your court's grandeur is your wordly display of power, prestige, and influence. SurrealBeliefs has created a guide to show you all of the brand new features of "Royal Court". Sit back your highness, and enjoy!
Introducing Royal Court - Artifacts & Events. What would a court be without artifacts, collections, plots, jesters, intrigue, and drama? SurrealBeliefs is back to share more about the events that will happen in your royal court.
Introducing Royal Court - Cultural Divergence. "Royal Court" brings in a historical trend called cultural divergence where your culture will now shift, grow, or decline throughout time! Cultural Divergence will change the whole world.
Introducing Royal Court - Inspiration & Projects. SurrealBeliefs is here to walk us through the new inspirations and projects features coming in the "Royal Court" expansion.
Introducing Royal Court - Free Update. As is tradition, a big free update is going out for all owners of Crusader Kings 3 alongside "Royal Court" expansion. All sorts of new gameplay, features, and mechanics to improve the game for everyone!

Crusader Kings 3 tutorials

Crusader Kings 3 - Beginners Tutorial. Grand Strategy games like CK3 can be complex. While this complexity is part of what makes these games great, it also makes them a little difficult to dive straight into. CK3 partnered with Ottwa Welshman to present you with a 5 minute guide that will answer all your questions and prepare you to start Ruling your Kingdom in no time!
Introducing CK3 - Characters. Welcome to our introductory series on Crusader Kings III. In this first video One Proud Bavarian will help us understand the gallery of characters that we will play and what they are made of!
Introducing CK3 - Dynasty. Our second video in our introductory series with One Proud Bavarian tackles dynasties and how to make them endure throughout centuries!
Introducing CK3 - Succession. In this third episode One Proud Bavarian will teach you everything you need to know about Succession to avoid seeing your kingdom torn to pieces when your ruler passes away!
Introducing CK3 - Schemes. In this fourth episode, One Proud Bavarian walks us through schemes in Crusader Kings 3. Understanding how to engage in cloak and dagger activities is essential to master the game!
Introducing CK3 - Vassals. Our introductory series continues with Havoc! This time around you will learn everything about vassals!
Introducing CK3 - Domains. We are back with Havoc once more to learn more about domain management!
Introducing CK3 - Money. In this new episode of our introductory series Havoc teaches you how to get more money in CK3!
Introducing CK3 - Technology. Havoc's last episode will introduce you to Technology and how you can unlock more of them!
Introducing CK3 - Military. For the last set of four videos we are joined by Pixelated Apollo. This video will be focused on military and how to make a strong army!
Introducing CK3 - War. Our latest introductory video Pixelated Apollo will cover everything tied to war: how to fight, siege, ransom characters and win wars!
Introducing CK3 - Battles. Pixelated Apollo joins us once again to tell us everything about terrain. From terrain to advantage you shan't lose another battle.
Introducing CK3 - Religion. We arrive at the end of our introductory series. In a last hurrah, Pixelated Apollo will show you all you need to know about religion. Creating your own religion will be like a walk in the park once Crusader Kings 3 launches.
Introducing CK3 - Ruler Designer. The new Ruler Designer feature coming as part of the free 1.2 update. Customize and build your own character and bring them to life!