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Titles are defined in the /common/landed_titles/ folder

Basic Titular Title[edit | edit source]

A simple titular title can be created with very little difficulty. The title prefix defines the tier.

Prefix Tier
b_ Barony (cannot be titular)
c_ County (cannot be titular)
d_ Duchy
k_ Kingdom
e_ Empire

Decide on a name for the title, which is to be added on to the prefix. Then, you must select a color. Colors are defined in RGB. The title can take two color modifiers color and color2, which is optional. The color2 modifier changes the secondary color of your border.:

k_titular_kingdom_name = {
	color = { 100 255 200 }

This is the bare minimum required to create a title, and it can now be granted through the console. However, it will lack localization, meaning that it will appear as "k_titular_kingdom_name" in-game. Please notice that you cannot add titular barony or county titles, since baronies and counties are more linked to the game map itself (like province id for baronies and duchy capital building for counties). As the result, you cannot add county outside the scope of a defined duchy, nor can you add a barony outside the scope of a defined county. Further more, in the scope of any given county, at least 1 barony needs to be defined there, and in the scope of any given barony, the province id must be assigned. See examples below:

# all colors will be assigned write just to save typing time

# this works
e_my_empire = {
	color = "white"

# this works
k_my_kingdom = {
	color = "white"

# this works
d_my_duchy = {
	color = "white"

# this does not work
# counties must be defined within the scope of duchies and be assigned with at least 1 barony
c_my_county = {
	color = "white"

# this does not work
# baronies must be defined within the scope of counties and be assigned with a province id
b_my_barony = {
	color = "white"

# this works
# it's ok to put counties in an orphan duchy/kingdom
d_my_another_duchy = {
	color = "white"
	c_my_another_county = {
		color = "white"
		b_my_another_barony = {
			color = "white"
			province = 12345 # the province id defined in map_data

Localization[edit | edit source]

A title requires two localization keys to be defined.

  • <title_name>
  • <title_name>_adj

Additionally, a title can have a unique article. For example Byzantium is 'the ' Byzantine Empire.

  • <title_name>_article

Vanilla title localization can be found in /localization/<language>/titles_l_<language>.yml.

Coat of Arms[edit | edit source]

Coat of Arms modding

List of attributes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of attributes that can be applied to a title.

Attribute Type Description Example
color rgb The color of the title displayed on the map color = { 100 255 200 }
color2 rgb Changes the secondary color of your border color2 = { 150 240 200 }
definite_form boolean If yes, the title prefix (e.g. "Kingdom of" or "Duchy of" will not be used) It most often used when the type of title is included in the name already, in order to avoid "Empire of the Byzantine Empire", for example. definite_form = yes
ruler_uses_title_name boolean ruler_uses_title_name = no
landless boolean If yes, the title will always exist once it has been made. This allows, for example, religious heads to continue to exist even when unlanded. landless = yes
capital title The preferred (de jure?) capital of the title capital = c_roma
ai_primary_priority clause Determines how likely AI is to make this title their primary title. Conditions can be used to alter the primary score. ai_primary_priority = {

if = { limit = { culture = culture:greek } add = @correct_culture_primary_score } if = { limit = { NOT = { culture = culture:greek } culture_group = culture_group:byzantine_group } add = @better_than_the_alternatives_score } }

destroy_if_invalid_heir Destroys the title if the heir (having just inherited the title?) is invalid. (To prevent a character of the wrong religion holding a religious head title, for example) destroy_if_invalid_heir = yes
no_automatic_claims boolean no_automatic_claims = yes
always_follows_primary_heir boolean The title will always go to the holder's primary heir always_follows_primary_heir = yes
de_jure_drift_disabled boolean Prevents the title from de jure drifting into a kingdom or empire de_jure_drift_disabled = yes
male_names/female_names list<string> A list of names that can be adopted by the title holder. For example, this allows the Pope to gain a Papal name upon his election. male_names = { Alexander Anastasius Benedictus Caelestinus Callistus Clemens Eugenius Leo Gregorius Hadrianus Honorius Innocentius Ioannes Lucius Marinus Martinus Nicolaus Sergius Silvester Stephanus Urbanus Victor }
name_list clause If the title is held by somebody with culture X, the title name will use the Y localization key and the adjective will use Y_adj name_list = { name_list_X = Y}
province ID The province ID of a barony province = 3699

Duchy Capital Building[edit | edit source]

To locate the duchy capital building in the defined de jure duchy capital, list the capital as the first county defined under the duchy title. The special duchy building is placed in the first listed barony of the first listed county, even if a different county is defined as the capital.