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  • "The emperor must hold or control all county titles in the de jure kingdom, and the empire title to which the kingdom belongs de jure either does not exist or is not held by that emperor."

I can confirm that kingdoms will drift to your primary empire if you hold two empires, is this an exception to the above? --Acecow (talk) 23:18, 20 September 2020 (UTC)

  • I suppose it can happen as long as the drifting kingdoms are not de jure part of the second empire. --Yezhanquan
    • It does drift even if you own the drifting kingdoms De Jure Empire title the info here and in the game is wrong in that regard not sure if glitch or bad tooltip. if you own two neighboring empire titles completely the non primary one will eventually become titular --Snadasky (talk) 05:44, 21 November 2021 (UTC)

Adding section in De Jure drift for Empires, around how the Kingdom must either:

  • Share a land border with an existing De Jure Kingdom
  • Share a naval border a maximum of 2 sea tiles away from an Existing De Jure Kingdom

Evidence (not allowed to insert links >_>): Empire Borders (single empire title)] and De Jure Drift]

Note how 3 complete kingdoms in Hispania (Navarra, Andalusia and Valencia) are not De Jure drifting, as the naval border is too distant, but Aquitaine, Sardinia and Jersusalem are, as they are all 2 sea tiles away from De Jure land. --pevergreen

Titular titles[edit source]

"Assimilation allows titular kingdoms and empires to become non-titular and vice versa. If a de jure kingdom becomes titular, it can be created by whoever controls its de jure capital."

Is it just me or is that a leftover from CK2?

I can't seem to form Léon or Castille in a 867 start as Asturias.

Blocked by:

"The kingdom of Castille has no de jure counties"

Some titles that are listed in the "Empires" article seem to be missing in the "Titular Titles" section. A lot of these, like the Timurid Empire, aren't, to my knowledge, obtainable through normal gameplay but India definitely is. Should these be added to the article? Samaxys (talk)