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Royal Court

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Release date / Patch
TBD / 1.5

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Royal Court is the 1st expansion for Crusader Kings III. It was announced on 2021-05-21[1] and is to be released alongside patch 1.5.

DLC features[edit]

How will you rule when your subjects come to you with their complaints? Building the grandest court in the world may please your vassals and attract interesting people, but it also gives your complaining courtiers a place to find you. Make decisions that will smooth the troubled waters in your kingdom, while impressing visitors with your collection of masterpieces and relics.

The Royal Court expansion adds new ways to interact with the characters in your kingdom or empire, as well as major changes to the cultural system of the game, adding greater dynamism and historical fluidity.

  • Throne Room: A visual representation of your royal court will reflect all the accumulated majesty and prestige of your dynasty.
  • Hold Court: Interact with vassals and courtiers as they come to you with their problems, seeking a royal judgment.
  • Grandeur: Increase the quality of life at your court with fancier trappings and better food, all the better to impress your rivals and attract higher quality guests.
  • Inspired People: Talented artists, craftspeople and thinkers can work on new projects, adding treasures and artifacts to your court.
  • Hybrid Cultures: Make the most of a multicultural realm, developing a new way of life that is specifically adapted to your population and geography.
  • Cultural Divergence: Split from your traditional culture, adapting it into something new that better fits your aspirations.


Cinematic trailers[edit]

Royal Court - Announcement Trailer. Invite your subjects to come to you with their problems, knowing that every problem is also an opportunity. How will you rule?

Dev diaries[edit]

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Developer diaries about the Royal Court expansion and patch 1.5 .

Patch 1.5
No. Title and Link Description Date
61 The Royal Court ... 2021-05-25
-- The Royal Court - The Vision Announcement of the first expansion for CK3 and the updates it will bring 2021-05-21