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Patch 1.7.X are all patches beginning with 1.7.


Main article: Patch 1.7


Patch 1.7.1 was released on 2022-09-15[1].


  • AI can no longer hire and fire court position in the same decision cycle, this should fix the issue where AIs could end up in massive prestige deficits


  • Slightly relaxed requirements for Reviving Taltoism to make it not entirely impossible in 1066
  • Crusade Targeting - Fixed so that Crusades check for current military strength when excluding target kingdoms instead of max military strength
  • Crusade Targeting - Completely rebalanced Crusade Kingdom Selection; while Jerusalem will still be the most attractive target (for Christians), there will now be much more variation in targets and a faith will tend to defend what is assigned to be their Heartlands to a much greater degree
  • Crusade Targeting - Distance is now a much greater factor when determining a crusade target
  • Crusade Targeting - Catholic Crusades are now much less likely to select a kingdom in the African interior, and slightly less likely to pick a north African kingdom (if the Holy Land is taken, we want the crusades to focus on going deeper into the middle east rather than to die from attrition in the Sahara)


  • Fixed crashes related to loading save files from previous game versions
  • Crusade Targeting - Fixed so that Crusades cannot target an area below 5 counties in size
  • AI House members in Feuds will now be much more likely to start schemes against their enemies
  • Characters will now be more reluctant to allow Feud enemies to raise their children
  • Characters will now be more likely to join schemes against Feud house members
  • Added explanation of score tooltip when ending a Feud
  • Feuds can now only be started against Houses with at least 5 adult members and with Heads within one title tier of your own
  • Added 25 year cooldown between Feuds
  • Reduced frequency of Feud start events
  • Added explanation of Feud reward modifiers to encyclopedia entry
  • Fixed Feuds starting from murders where the murderer is still a secret
  • Fixed an issue where Unpredictable Economical AI's didn't build enough new holdings
  • Handle dead/alive for memories more consistently
  • Fixed an issue where Cautious Economical AI's weren't cautious enough in the early stages of the game
  • Fixed yearly.9110 missing an equals sign, also adjusted down dynasty prestige
  • Fixed a missing equals sign in the Loyalty trait definition
  • Fixed bp1_yearly.5704 missing an is_adult check
  • Fixed pilgrimage.6007 so it does not fire for blind characters
  • Fixed issue where Feud scale tip tooltips would be repeated
  • Added additional missing checks for the A Man in Our Bed event
  • Fixed missing adult and other checks in the A Man in Our Bed event
  • Fixed Guanche Vaulter Infantry leaping across the world as mercenaries
  • Fixed rivals not being less likely to accept alliance proposals
  • Fixed Vengeance event firing alongside At My Mercy for Norse characters who captured a rival in battle
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed/repeating Coat of Arms during longer sessions


  • Fixed MAX_RECURSIVE_DEPTH error in Chinese localization
  • Fixed grammar of Ibn Marwan of Badajoz's bookmark character


Patch 1.7.2 was released on 2022-09-29[2].

  • Fix offer vassalization being slow if you had too many neighbors and vassals due to evaluating opinion too many times too slowly.
  • Fix Out-Of-Sync issue
  • Fix AI feud seduction targeting wrong spouse


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