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Patch 1.1.X are all patches beginning with 1.1.


Main article: Patch 1.1


Patch 1.1.2 was released on 2020-10-01[1] with the checksum 8274.


  • Fixed male/female dominated doctrine blocking all claims for the other sex, rather than just implicit claims. The behavior should now be identical to how it was previously.
  • Fixed various display issues in the Russian localization
  • Fixed tyranny being gained from rightful revocations when you had a claim on the title in question
  • Independence Faction wars no longer require the defender to occupy the entire domain of the rebelling vassals to stop ticking warscore
  • Reinstated Central Germanic and West Slavic name lists that had accidentally been removed


Patch 1.1.3 was released on 2020-10-15[2] with the checksum e374.


  • Fixed some crashes during gameplay that occurred in certain edge-cases
  • Fixed a startup crash for CPUs with less than 4 logical cores that was introduced in the 1.1 patch
  • Fix some cases when border wouldn't update properly and stay around in a permanent state
  • Lowered the thresholds for graphical army quality, more of the spectrum appear now
  • Opinion of liege now shows the correct name for the tooltip in the vassals tab in the character window
  • Fixed combat predictions getting increasingly inaccurate the more men at arms are involved
  • Fixed Fertility acceptance modifiers in marriages/betrothals incorrectly claiming that fertile men were infertile
  • Fixed the AI being happy to accept betrothals that would ultimately lead to no children, as the woman would have passed the fertility threshold age before the man comes of age (with a 2 year margin)
  • The Carolingian Consolidation achievement should now be available when launching the game from the Paradox Store
  • Fixed an issue that could cause one letter realm names to be displayed upside down

Patch was released on 2020-10-22[3].


  • Fixed an issue causing the clothes from The Garments of the Holy Roman Empire and Fashion of the Abbasid Court to not show up properly in the game.


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