Northern Lords

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Northern Lords

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Release date / Patch
2021-03-16 / 1.3

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Northern Lords is the 1st flavor pack for Crusader Kings III. It was announced on 2021-03-13[1] and was released on 2021-03-16 alongside patch 1.3.

DLC features[edit]

Best known as fierce raiders from a land of snow and legend, the Norse were a complex society where loyalty was based on more than a noble bloodline. Leaders had to prove themselves as warriors, yes, but also as judges and governors.

Northern Lords offer new events and cultural themes related to Norse society:

  • Norse Adventurer Realms: Norse characters may abandon their own homes and lead hosts into foreign lands to establish their own kingdoms.
  • Jomsvikings and Shieldmaidens: Norse holy warriors and stalwart shieldmaidens take up arms on your behalf, while poet characters can compose stinging rebukes or romantic overtures.
  • New Cultural Content: Special Norse dynastic legacies, Norse blot sacrifices, trials by combat and cultural innovations, as well as numerous new events for additional color.
  • New Art and Music: Original art and musical score to enhance your playing experience.
  • And more: Berserkers, missionaries, runestones, Varangian adventurers, new decisions and other highlights from the exciting history of the Norse people.

Patch features[edit]

  • Winter is added to the map.
  • Duels between two characters.
  • Become a poet.


Cinematic trailers[edit]

Northern Lords - Release Trailer. Gather your comrades around the fire to share tales of adventure and songs of victory. Live the life of a Norse ruler in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords.
Northern Lords - Announcement Teaser. Are you brave enough to live the life of a viking ruler? Write your own saga in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords.

Video diaries[edit]

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords - Feature Breakdown. Join Game Director Alexander Oltner and Community Manager Troy Pruitt to get an in-depth look at Northern Lords and see what to expect in this newest Flavor Pack!

Dev diaries[edit]

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Developer diaries about the Northern Lords flavor pack and patch 1.3 (aka Corvus).

Patch 1.3 (Corvus)
No. Title and Link Description Date
52 1.3 ‘Corvus’ Patch Notes Full 1.3 patch notes and showcase of more free additions 2021-03-16
51 It’s Time to Duel Introduction of the duel mechanic. More 1.3 patch notes 2021-03-09
50 Poetry to my Ears Introduction of the poet trait and poetry interactions. Sneek peek at 1.3 patch notes 2021-03-02
49 A Cold Embrace Upcoming winter mechanics in Crusader Kings 3 2021-02-23
48 The Team Game developers team status and organization 2021-02-16


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