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A modifier is an effect that adds various bonuses or penalties to a dynasty, character or county. Modifiers can be temporary or permanent, with permanent modifiers always granting positive effects.

Permanent dynasty modifiers[edit]

The following permanent modifiers affect an entire dynasty:

Modifier Effects Requirements
Modifier prestige positive.png Dynasty of Many Crowns
  • +2 Stewardship
  • +20% Monthly Prestige
  • +10% Levy Size
  • +5 Direct Vassal Opinion
Dynasty of Many Crowns decision
Modifier health positive.png Strong Blood
  • +40% chance of inheriting new positive Congenital Traits
  • All children born in the dynasty will be born with a new Congenital Trait
  • Small Health Boost
Strengthen Bloodline decision

Permanent county modifiers[edit]

The following permanent modifiers affect all baronies in a county:

Modifier Effects Requirements
Modifier county development positive.png Royal Tolls
  • -10% Building Construction Time
  • -10% Building Construction Gold Cost
  • +0.5 Monthly Development
Establish Bactrian Supremacy decision
Modifier social positive.png Runestone +20 Popular Opinion Raise a Runestone decision

Permanent character modifiers[edit]

The following permanent modifiers affect a certain character:

Modifier Effects Requirements
Modifier piety positive.png Avenger of the Martyrs +10 Same Faith Opinion Avenge the Battle of Tours decision
Modifier piety positive.png Defender of the Faith
  • +1 Prowess
  • +10 Same Faith Opinion
Defenders of Dievas, Defenders of Rod or Defenders of Ukko decision
Modifier social positive.png Display of Submission +10 Same Faith Opinion
  • Yes Struggle and Submission faith tenet
  • Go on a Pilgrimage or Undertake the Hajj decision
Modifier magic positive.png Friends in High Places
  • +6 Diplomacy
  • +4 Martial
  • Martial lifestyle.png +50% Monthly Martial Lifestyle Experience
Comet Sighted Event
Yes Character is Gregarious, Hideous and Reclusive
Modifier economy positive.png Generosity to Mercenaries -10% Mercenary Hire Cost Martial lifestyle event choice
Modifier prowess positive.png Holy Order Training
  • +1 Martial
  • +1 Prowess
Child returning from a Holy Order
Modifier piety positive.png Imperial Vicar
  • +25 Head of Faith Opinion
  • +10% Temple Holding and Building Construction Cost
  • +10% Temple Holding and Building Construction Time
Icon group of characters.png Matilda of Tuscany
Modifier social positive.png Mothered Many Children +5 General Opinion 10% chance with each birth after giving birth at least 4 times
Modifier magic positive.png Prophetic Visions
  • +1 Monthly Piety
  • +10 Clergy Opinion
Possessed trait event choice
Modifier economy positive.png Respected by Mercenaries -20% Mercenary Hire Cost Martial lifestyle event choice
Modifier prowess positive.png Respected Expert +2 Prowess Martial lifestyle event choice
Modifier learning positive.png Steward of the Sacred River
  • +1 Diplomacy
  • +1 Learning
  • Icon piety eastern 01.png +5 Monthly Piety
  • +10 Theocratic Ruler of Same Faith Opinion
Take Stewardship of the Sacred River decision
Modifier horse positive.png The Greatest Khan
  • +30 Natural Dread
  • -50% Dread Decay
  • +20 Hostile Scheme Resistance
  • -15 Enemy Hostile Success Chance
Become Greatest of Khans decision
Modifier prestige negative.png No Raiment
  • +20 Attraction Opinion
  • -1 Monthly Prestige
  • Character does not wear clothes
  • Lunatic trait event choice
  • Rules.png Character nudity game rule set to Default


Pets are character modifiers that last between 11 and 16 years and can be inherited if a character dies before the pet. Both pet modifiers unlock a  Decision to pet them and have a hidden 33% chance to save the character when a Murder Scheme is executed against him or her. There are two pet modifiers:

  • Modifier dog positive.png Pet Dog grants +1 to  Diplomacy and  Prowess
  • Modifier cat positive.png Pet Cat grants +1 to  Intrigue and  Learning

Both pet modifiers can be obtained in two ways. One day after getting the modifier the character will be given the option to input a name for the pet.

  • At any point the character may be given a pet from a consort, friend, lover or vassal and gain the option to keep it or sell it for a minor random amount of  Gold.
  • During childhood the character might encounter a pet and have the option to keep it and gain the modifier. Alternatively if the character has the Trait sadistic.png Sadistic trait it can kill the pet to gain +1  Learning.

While the character has a pet modifier the following events can take place:

  • A vassal plays with the pet and gains +20  Opinion
  • The pet brings 2  Gold
  • The pet gives a temporary  Health Boost
  • The pet ruins a vassal's possessions, bringing the following options:
    • Pay the vassal and lose a moderate random amount of  Gold
    • Lose -20  Opinion with the vassal
  • If there is a scheme targeting the character there is a very small chance for the pet to expose it.
  • If the character has both pet modifiers it might gain an event that grants -20 Stress
  • If the character has both pet modifiers the two pets might fight. Within two weeks one on the following will happen:
    • 30% chance the dog dies
    • 45% chance the cat dies
    • 15% chance both die
    • 10% chance they get along and the character gains -10 Stress
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