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The lifestyle represents a character's choice of which Skill the character will devote his or her time honing. There are 5 Lifestyles to choose from, each containing 3 Focuses and 3 perk trees.

Once a Lifestyle is chosen a character can receive random events related to its Focuses. While most events are related to the currently selected Focus, events from other Focuses within the same Lifestyle can take place as well.


Each Lifestyle contains 3 Focuses, each one granting various bonuses to the character. All Focuses grant +25 monthly experience towards the character's Lifestyle, which can further be improved by the character's education. A character's Focus can be changed once every 5 years. A chosen lifestyle can also rarely offer a character a selection of 3 nicknames if it doesn't have one already.

Characters must be landed or Heirs to gain Lifestyle experience and can buy Perks even if unlanded.

Lifestyle Focus Effects Nicknames ( Ambitious /  Arrogant) Nicknames ( Content /  Humble /  Shy)
Diplomacy lifestyle.png Diplomacy Diplomacy family focus.png Family
  • +2 Diplomacy
  • +20% Fertility
  • the Magnanimous
  • the Magnificent
  • the Peacemaker
  • the Affable
  • the Diplomat
  • the Kind
Diplomacy foreign affairs focus.png Foreign Affairs
  • +3 Diplomacy
Diplomacy majesty focus.png Majesty
  • +1 Diplomacy
  • +1 Monthly Prestige
Martial lifestyle.png Martial Martial authority focus.png Authority
  • +1 Martial
  • +20% Dread Gain
  • +0.3 Monthly Control
  • the Conqueror
  • the Hard Ruler
  • the Noble
  • the Guardian
  • the Tactician
  • the Valiant
Martial chivalry focus.png Chivalry
  • +3 Prowess
  • +10 Attraction Opinion
  • +5 Advantage
Martial strategy focus.png Strategy
  • +3 Martial
Stewardship lifestyle.png Stewardship Stewardship domain focus.png Domain
  • +3 Stewardship
  • the Architect
  • the Just
  • the Lawgiver
  • the Benevolent
  • the Elegant
  • the Generous
Stewardship duty focus.png Duty
  • +1 Stewardship
  • +20 Courtier and Guest Opinion
  • Yes -5 Enemy Agent Acceptance
Stewardship wealth focus.png Wealth
  • +10% Monthly Income
Intrigue lifestyle.png Intrigue Intrigue intimidation focus.png Intimidation
  • +2 Intrigue
  • +30 Natural Dread
  • the Crow
  • the Impaler
  • the Shadow
  • the Sly
  • the Spider
  • the Whisperer
Intrigue skulduggery focus.png Skulduggery
  • +3 Intrigue
  • Yes +10 Agent Acceptance
Intrigue temptation focus.png Temptation
  • +20% Fertility
  • +10 Attraction Opinion
  • +20% Seduction Scheme Power
Learning lifestyle.png Learning Learning medicine focus.png Medicine
  • +1 Learning
  • Small Health Boost
  • the Chronicler
  • the Enlightened
  • the Truthseeker
  • the Historian
  • the Sage
  • the Scholar
Learning scholarship focus.png Scholarship
  • +3 Learning
  • +15% Development Growth
Learning theology focus.png Theology
  • +1 Learning
  • +1 Monthly Piety

Education Focuses[edit]

Education Focuses are available to characters between the age of 6 and 9 and grant the character +1 in the matching Skill. When the character becomes an adult it will gain an education trait. The level of the education trait depends on both how well the character's childhood trait matched with the Education Focus. The Education Focus can only be changed once.

Focus Helpful traits Struggling trait Description
  • Trait charming.png Charming
  • Trait curious.png Curious
Trait bossy.png Bossy The study of etiquette, communication and the practices of courtly life.
  • Trait bossy.png Bossy
  • Trait rowdy.png Rowdy
Trait curious.png Curious The study of warfare and combat and the commanding of armies.
  • Trait bossy.png Bossy
  • Trait pensive.png Pensive
Trait charming.png Charming The study of administration, management and the flow of gold.
  • Trait charming.png Charming
  • Trait rowdy.png Rowdy
Trait pensive.png Pensive The study of secrecy, shadows and careful planning.
  • Trait pensive.png Pensive
  • Trait curious.png Curious
Trait rowdy.png Rowdy The study of scholarship, theology and the pursuit of knowledge.

Perk trees[edit]

Each Lifestyle has 3 perk trees, each one containing 9 perks. Each perk costs 1000 Experience to unlock and the final perk in each tree always gives a powerful trait. Both perks and 6 unique traits can be obtained through Lifestyle events. A perk can only be unlocked if all perks above have been unlocked.

On average a new perk is unlocked every few years. A character can reset all Lifestyle perks once per lifetime at the cost of one  Stress level. Resetting the perks will also remove any final trait.



+100% Opinion Gain from Send Gift
Ducal Conquest
-20% Title Creation Cost
Enables the Ducal Conquest Casus Belli
Adaptive Tradition
+25% Foreign Affairs Effectiveness
Defensive Negotiations
+15 Fellow Vassal Opinion
+15 Independent Ruler Opinion
Can propose one Alliance without a Marriage
Forced Vassalage
Enables the Vassalize Casus Belli
Flexible Truces
-25% Truce Time
No Prestige penalty for breaking Truces
+1 Diplomacy per Alliance
Accomplished Forger
+75% Fabricate Claim on County Speed
Trait diplomat.png
Gain the Diplomat Trait:

+3 Diplomacy +20 Independent Ruler Opinion +25% Personal Scheme Power


Benevolent Intent
+30% Sway Scheme Power
Firm Hand
+1% Monthly Prestige per Dread
Inspiring Rule
+5% Monthly Prestige per Powerful Vassal on the Council
Praetorian Guard
+2% Monthly Prestige per Knight
True Ruler
+25 Offer Vassalization Acceptance
Writing History
Can use the Commission Epic Decision
A Life of Glory
+100% Level of Fame impact
+1 Diplomacy per Level of Fame
Trait august.png
Gain the August Trait:

+2 Diplomacy +1 Martial +1 Monthly Prestige

Family Hierarch[edit]

Enables the Befriend Scheme
Groomed to Rule
Children receive +1 to +3 skill points based on their childhood trait
-5% Stress Gain per Friend
Heart of the Family
+15 Close Family Opinion
+30% Befriend Scheme Power
Thicker than Water
+25% Personal Scheme Success Chance against family members
Friendly Counsel
Each Friend and Best Friend gives +2 random skill points
Sound Foundations
Each living Child gives +1 random skill points
Trait family first.png
Patriarch / Matriarch
Gain the Patriarch / Matriarch Trait:

+10 House Opinion +15 Close Family Opinion +20% Fertility +20% Stress Loss



Bellum Justum
-50% Casus Belli Cost
Parthian Tactics
+30% Cavalry Toughness
+20% Cavalry Pursuit
+20% Skirmisher Damage
+10% Skirmisher Toughness
Organized March
+15% Movement Speed
+5 Screen for Archer, Heavy Infantry, Pikeman and Skirmisher
Engineered for Destruction
+25% Naval Speed
+40% Siege Weapon Effectiveness
+25% Men-at-Arms Counter Efficiency
Hit and Run
-25% Retreat Losses
+15% Heavy Infantry Damage and Toughness
+30% Archer Damage
+30% Spearmen Toughness
Living Off the Land
+25% Raid Speed
+200% Supply Capacity
+0.1 Siege Progress for Archer, Heavy Infantry, Pikeman and Skirmisher
Trait strategist.png
Gain the Strategist Trait:

+1 Diplomacy +3 Martial Death natural.png +25% Enemy Fatal Casualties Cross water without Advantage loss


Serve the Crown
+15 Natural Dread
+0.3 Monthly Control Growth
A Man's Home
+5 Controlled Territory Defender Advantage
Strict Organization
+20% Increase Control in Country Progress Gain
Enduring Hardships
+1 Fort Level
Enemy Occupations do not lower Control
Hard Rule
+20% Dread Gain
+50% Siege Progress against Revolts
+20 Faction Military Power Threshold for vassals
Prepared Conscription
-15% Army Maintenance
+100% Friendly Territory Levy Reinforcement Rate
Soldiers of Lesser Fortune
-30% Mercenary Hire Cost
Absolute Control
100 Control grants additional Taxes and Levies
Trait overseer.png
Gain the Overseer Trait:

+2 Martial +2 Stewardship +50% Monthly Control Growth


Stalwart Leader
+4 Prowess
Reduced risk of Commanding Armies
+30% Romance and Elope Scheme Power and Scheme Success Chance
Chivalric Dominance
+75% Knight Effectiveness
Promising Prospects
+50 Marriage Acceptance
+25 Marriage Acceptance for Close Family and Extended Family
Never Back Down
-20% Friendly Fatal Casualties
+5 Advantage
Loyalty and Respect
+50 Spouse Opinion
+25% Skills from Spouse Councilor Tasks
+4 Number of Knights
+10 Peace Acceptance
Trait gallant.png
Gain the Gallant Trait:

+2 Martial +4 Prowess +20% Monthly Prestige +20 Attraction Opinion



Golden Obligations
Can Demand Payment for Hooks
+10% Vassal Tax Contribution
War Profiteer
+10% Monthly Income while at War
This is MY Domain
Can use the Extort Subjects Decision
Detailed Ledgers
+20 Republican Ruler Opinion
+15% Republican Tax Contribution
Fearful Troops
-0.5% Men-at-Arms Maintenance per Dread
Golden Aplomb
+10% Monthly Income per Stress Level
At Any Cost
Can use the Sell Titles Decision
Trait avaricious.png
Gain the Avaricious Trait:

+2 Stewardship +15% Holding Taxes


Tax Man
+25% Collect Taxes Effectiveness
Cutting Cornerstones
-5% Gold, Piety, and Prestige Construction Cost for Buildings and Holdings
Defensive Measures
+1 Fort Level
+20% Garrison Size
Professional Workforce
-30% Building and Holding Construction Time
Organized Muster Rolls
+100% Levy Reinforcement Rate
+0.3 Monthly Development Growth in Realm Capital
Popular Figurehead
+50 Popular Opinion
Divided Attention
+2 Domain Limit
Trait architect.png
Gain the Architect Trait:

+2 Stewardship −15% Building and Holding Construction Time −10% Building and Holding Gold Cost


Enables the Claim Throne Scheme
Chains of Loyalty
+25% Domestic Affairs Efficiency
Large Levies
+20% Vassal Levy Contribution
10 Direct Vassal Opinion
20 Liege Opinion
Soon Forgiven
-0.15 Monthly Tyranny
Positions of Power
20 Counillor Opinion
Toe the Line
Vassals are less likely to join Independence Factions
Honored to Serve
+20% Powerful Vassal Councillor Tax and Levy Contribution
Trait administrator.png
Gain the Administrator Trait:

+1 Diplomacy +3 Stewardship +5 Vassal Opinion



Truth is Relative
Enables the Fabricate Hook Scheme
Find Secrets may also fabricate Hooks and will always do so if there are no secrets to be found
Digging for Dirt
+25% Find Secrets Progress Speed
Court of Shadows
+50% Disrupt Schemes Effectiveness
Swift Execution
+30% Murder Scheme Power
Enables the Abduction Scheme
Prepared for Anything
-25 Enemy Hostile Scheme Success Chance
-10 Enemy Hostile Scheme Success Chance against own Courtiers
A Job Done Right
+25 Hostile Scheme Success Chance
Twice Schemed
+1 Max Hostile Schemes
Trait schemer.png
Gain the Schemer Trait:

+5 Intrigue +25% Hostile Scheme Power


Like Weeds in a Garden
+30% Fertility
Enticing Opportunity
+30% Seduction Scheme Power
Unshackled Lust
Removes the Attraction penalty from Seduction Schemes
Home Advantage
+50% Seduction Scheme Success Chance against own Courtiers and Guests
Subtle Desire
Removes the Tier difference penalty from Seduction Schemes
Removes the Incestuous penalty from Seduction Schemes targeting characters over 19 years old
Graceful Recovery
Can no longer Critically Fail Seduction Schemes
Mortal Adoration
-25 Acceptance for Lovers against Murder Schemes targeting this character
If a Murder Scheme is successfully executed against this character a Lover may die in its place
Smooth Operator
+25% Seduction Scheme Success Chance
Trait seducer.png
Gain the Seducer Trait:

+3 Intrigue +20% Fertility +40 Attraction Opinion


Dark insights
50% chance to gain 1 Intrigue or 1 Prowess when torturing someone (Max 5 each)
+30% Dread Gain
Divine Retribution
No longer lose Piety or Clergy Opinion from Torturing or Executing
Thriving in Chaos
+4 Martial and Intrigue per Stress level
+6 Prowess per Stress level
Malice Implicit
+0.5 Dread Gain per Tyranny
Fear Tax
+15% Intimidated Vassal Tax and Levy Contribution
+30% Terrified Vassal Tax and Levy Contribution
Forever Infamous
-1000% Dread Decay
Prison-Feudal Complex
+50% Imprison Chance
Trait torturer.png
Gain the Torturer Trait:

+4 Prowess +50% Dread gain +25% Hostile Scheme Resistance +10% Levy Size


Whole of Body[edit]

Anatomical Studies
-50% Court Physician Hire Cost
+50% Treatment Success Chance
-20% Stress Gain
Can take the Embrace Celibacy and Abandon Celibacy Decisions
Wash Your Hands
-50% Chance for the character to contact illnesses
-25% Chance for Couriers to contact illnesses
Mental Resilience
+3 Years Time between Mental Breaks
Know Thyself
Receive a warning 1 year before Death of natural causes
Iron Constitution
+30% Disease Resistance Fertility
Massive Boost to Disease Resistance Health
Medium Health Boost
Trait whole of body.png
Whole of Body
Gain the Whole of Body Trait:

+25% Fertility −25% Stress Gain Medium Health Boost


20% chance the character's Ward gains additional Skills
20% chance the character's Ward becomes a Friend
+35% Cultural Fascination Progress
+15 Different Culture Opinion
Ignore Negative Culture Opinion
Planned Cultivation
+20% Increase Development in Country Efficiency
+15 Different Faith Opinion
-75% Faith Conversion Cost
Scholarly Circles
+2 Learning per Level of Devotion
Learn on the Job
Gain 20% of the Councilors' primary Skills
Sanctioned Loopholes
Can use the Buy Claim Interaction
Trait scholar.png
Gain the Scholar Trait:

+5 Learning +15% Monthly Development Growth +10 Hostile Scheme Success Chance +10 Personal Scheme Success Chance


+10 Clergy Opinion (Faith has Theocratic Clergy)
+5 Same Faith Opinion (Faith has Lay Clergy)
Zealous Proselytizer
+25% Convert Faith in Country Progress
Clerical Justifications
+20% Religious Relations Efficiency
Religious Icon
Fervor no longer slows Convert Faith in Country
Church and State
+50 Realm Priest Opinion (Faith has Theocratic Clergy)
Monthly Piety from Buildings +100% (Faith has Lay Clergy)
+1% Monthly Piety per Knight
-50% Faith Creation and Reformation Cost
+100% Level of Devotion Impact
Defender of Faith
-25% Tyranny Gain (Faith is Righteous)
+5 Same Faith Opinion (Faith is Righteous)
+1 Diplomacy per Level of Devotion (Faith is Pluralistic)
+20% Monthly Piety Gain (Faith is Pluralist)
+10 Faith Hostility Advantage (Faith is Fundamentalist)
+2 Prowess per Level of Devotion (Faith is Fundamentalist)
+20 Clergy Opinion (Faith is Fundamentalist)
Trait theologian.png
Gain the Theologian Trait:

+3 Learning +20% Monthly Piety

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