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This page is the truncated form of Darkgamma's Acronym and Neologism Thread, found here on ParadoxPlaza. The page excludes the non-CK3 acronyms and neologisms.

The Acronyms[edit]

These are the acronyms (initialisms) related to CK3 that you'll find on the Paradoxplaza forums:

  • "CK3" or "CKIII" – Crusader Kings III, the game you are on the wiki for.
  • "PDS" – Paradox Development Studio, the developers of CKIII.
  • "PI" – Paradox Interactive, the publisher of CKIII.
  • "GG" – Gamersgate, one of the retailers of CKIII.
  • "WAD" – Works/working as designed; this acronym means that the thing in question is functioning as intended, typically used in the context of a mistaken bug.
  • "WIP" - Work in progress, this acronym means that the thing in question is still in development and not yet finished
  • "OPM" – One-province minor; this acronym signifies a usually independent nation consisting of only one province or county.
  • "HRE" – Holy Roman Empire
  • "BE" – Byzantine Empire
  • "ERE" – Eastern Roman Empire, as alternative name for the Byzantine Empire.
  • "WC" – World conquest; direct conquest of every landed title
  • "AAR" – After-action report; a kind of a story told about a game in progress but with the action already complete, often narrated as if the player was the actual character.
  • "LP" – Let's Play; an alternative to the AAR, a video narrative of a game in progress with the action ongoing rather than already complete.
  • "CB" – 'Casus belli' = a justification for war, which is required in the game to declare any sort of war.
  • "OP" – Overpowered; used to reference a certain mechanic or tactic that's considered too powerful
  • "DD" – Development diary, a post about the development of a certain part of the game or DLC yet to be released at the time of writing, or, more recently, a mod in the same situation.
  • "DoW" – Declaration of war; extended into the verb "to DOW", meaning "to declare war".
  • "CTD" – A "crash to desktop" bug
  • "OOS" – An "out of sync" bug, where two computers in multiplayer disagree about game state
  • "HoF" - Head of Faith - The leader of a faith if Temporal or Spiritual Head of Faith Doctrine is present
  • "MaA" - Men-at-Arms - Elite fighting troops who need upkeep but have specialized roles unlike levies
  • "DLC" – Downloadable content
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