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Hired forces are predefined armies which may be temporarily controlled by hiring them with gold. Hired forces cannot be used to raid. There are two types of hired forces: Mercenaries and Holy Orders.


Mercenaries are armies that can be hired by characters for 3 years. Each culture generates between one and three mercenary companies depending on the number of counties of that culture, with each additional company being bigger and more expensive than the previous one. They will pick a county of their culture as their headquarters and will be available to be hired by anyone within diplomatic range of that county. Mercenary armies come with one or more specific men-at-arms regiments and will also contain a number of knights.

Rulers are allowed to go into debt up to 2 years in order to hire mercenaries.

Mercenary regiments reinforce 3 times faster than regular ones.

Mercenary army names[edit]

Culture/Culture group Name(s)
Default Culture adjective Band of location
Akan group Ashanti Band, Company of the Volta, Followers of Akwei
Arabic group Mamluks
Bedouin Wanderers, Company of location
Mashqiri Sarkans of location, Company of the Oasis, Desert Brethren
Egyptian Host of the Nile, Keepers of the Lighthouse
Maghrebi Union of Swords, Army of the Senator
Andalusian Almogavars of location, Mawali Band, Treasurers of location
Baltic group Baltic Band, Riders of the Coast, Company of the Deeplands
Butr Army of the Crossing, location Band, Riders of the Mountains
Baranis Followers from location, Company of location
Burman group Arakan Band, Company of the Valley
Burmese Company of the Irrawaddy, Burmese Host
Mon Sadhuim Company, Mon Host
Byzantine group Manglabites, Ten Thousand
Greek Varangian Guard, Herules, Hoplites of location
Georgian Veterans of Chaldia
Central African group Sahelian Band, Company of the Chad, Company of the Gambra, Followers of Bayajida, Followers of Sundiata
Pictish Woad Raiders
Welsh Lawgoch's Followers, Band of the Horn
Breton Company of Bretons
Cornish Bodyguards of Gwendolen
Saxon Teutonic Brotherhood, Saxon Steelbearers, Hansa Guard, Sons of Widukind
Franconian Great Company, Franconian Company, Thuringian Blades, Rhenish Band, New Franks
Swabian Swabian Band, Alsace Fighters, Alemannic Sellswords, Helvetic Guard
Bavarian Bavarian Band, Austrian Company, Tyrol Warriors, Styrian Panthers
Dutch Company of the Brabançon Wolf, Flemish Band, Company of the False-Earl
German Great Company, Veterans of the Marches, Swiss Guard
Dravidian group Velaikkarar of location, Company of the Tiger, Tungabhadra Gang, Dreamers of the Jog, Company of the Ghats, Guards of Rama Setu, Terrors of Tamilakam, Company of the Koyil
Ethiopian Ge'ezan Company, Tigrayit Band
Nubian Noba Company, Kushite Band, Company of Meroe
Welayta Company of the Leopard, Gondershe Band, Guardians of Almnara
Daju Army of the Crossing, Beja Place Band, Riders of the Mountains
East Slavic Kievan Band, Varangian Host, Raiders of Caspia, Company of Rus, Followers of Oleg
French Tard-Venus de location, Band of location, Routiers of location, location Band
Norman Band of the Black Monk, Iron Arm's Company, Normans of Drengot
Occitan Routiers of the Archpriest, Host of the Viscount, Marchers of Wasconia
Irish Band of Kerns, Madhmann's Company, Company of Shield and Scian
Gaelic Gallowglasses, Redshanks
Iberian group Almogavars of location, Almogavars of location
Basque Navarrese Company
Castilian Slaughterers, Band of the Brigand Emperor
Catalan Great Catalan Company
Portuguese Count's Exiles
Galician Slaughterers, Band of the Brigand Emperor
Asturleonese Slaughterers, Band of the Brigand Emperor
Aragonese Slaughterers, Band of the Brigand Emperor
Indo-Aryan group Tigers of location, Apabhranśa Band
Bengali Company of the Delta, Bengal Host
Oriya Oryia Band, Company of Odisha
Hindustani Company of Many Colors, Hindustani Band, Company of the Ganges
Gujarati Company of the Great Rann, Band of the Nilgai, Company of the Stone Anchor
Punjabi Company of the Punjab, Host of Sangala
Rajput Rajaputra Band, Company of the Exile, Followers of the Priest King
Sindhi Company of the Dead Men, Harappan Band
Marathi Company of Four Kings, Servants of the Vatandar, Badami Companions
Kashmiri Company of Kashmir, Host of Kashmir
Sinhala Company of the Staff, Rice Grain Band
Iranian Ghilman, Warriors of Zaranj, location Cataphracts
Persian Band of Medes, Immortals of location
Sogdian Company of Sogdiana, Sogdian Warriors
Tocharian Band of Tókharoi
Kurdish Band of Sermaj
Afghan Khorasani Band, Company of Shahids
Baloch Company of Makran, Westwards Band
Daylamite Daylamite Company, Band of Sermaj
Khwarezmian Company of Khwarezm, Khwarezmian Warriors
Tajik Company of Bukhara, Dehqan Warriors
Latin group Company of the Bull
Italian Company of the Star, Black Band, Italian Condottiere Band
Cisalpine Company of Saint George, Company of the Star, Company of the Hat, Company of the Rose, Cisalpine Condottiere Band
Sardinian Sardinian Band
Sicilian Sicilian Condottiere Band, Sicilian Band
Lombard Longbeard Band
Magyar group Band of the Fields, Band of the Arrow Rain, Company of the Saint
Mongolic group Location Horde, Army Under the Sky, Riders of Mongol location, True Khan's Faithful, Company of the Yurt, Steppe Dancer's Band, Chastisement of location, Band of the Father, Company of the Goad
North Germanic group Thinglith, Army of Kylfingar, Company of Jarl Landless, Huscarls of the Sea, Band of Firesmoke, Queen's Hird
Swedish Göta Band
Norwegian Birchers of location
Danish Border Reaver's Band
Sahelian group Sahelian Band, Company of Awkar, Followers of Kayamagha
Senegambian group Sahelian Band, Company of the Gambra, Followers of Sundiata
Somali Company of the Leopard, Gondershe Band, Guardians of Almnara
Beja Army of the Crossing, Beja Place Band, Riders of the Mountains
Afar Company of the Leopard, Gondershe Band, Guardians of Almnara
South Slavic group Stratioti of location, Wayfarers of location, Band of location Stratioti
Bosnian Bitter-Winter Band, Knéževi of the Road, Forest Wolves
Serbian Allemannic Guard
Vlach Sheperds of the Romans
Bulgarian Company of the Skull Cup, Brothers of Bayan
Turkic group Location Horde, Army Under the Sky, Turkic Riders of location, True Khan's Faithful, Company of the Yurt, Steppe Dancer's Band, Chastisement of location, Band of the Father, Company of the Goad
West African Sahelian Band, Company of the Gambra, Followers of Sundiata
English White Company, Hawkwood's Band
Anglo-Saxon Retinue of Hengist, Wake's Guard, Band of Horsa
Scots Border Reivers, Warband of the Great Hall, Company of the King's Son
West Slavic group Companions of the Woods
Pomeranian Oder Free Company, Company of the Dog
Czech Free Lances of Brandýs, Army of the Ore, Company of the Cruel Hand
Polish Drużynan Host, Free Company of the Pospolite
Polabian Band of the Fallen Knez, Company of the Stout Horse
Slovien Freelances of Velehrad, Army of Morava Bend, Company of the Faithbearers
Yoruba group Yoruba Band, Company of the Niger, Followers of Oduduwa

Holy orders[edit]

Holy orders are military organizations that can be hired by characters who are at war with a ruler whose faith is considered hostile or evil. Only a single holy order can be hired at a time and as soon as the war ends holy orders are dismissed. All members of a holy order gain the Trait order member.png Order Member trait.

Holy orders can own holdings, which provides them with taxes and 200 levies. If a holy order loses all its holdings it is disbanded.

Rulers who have kingdom or empire titles may vassalize holy orders of the same faith, which allows the said ruler to use the holy order for free or take its holdings. They can also create a holy order via a decision. Each ruler can only create one holy order. If a Ruler creates a holy order, they may get events that allow them to grant holdings to the new holy order.

Courtiers can be asked to join a holy order if the faith's View on Gender doctrine allows. If the courtier accepts, the ruler will gain Piety while the courtier gains a level of devotion.

Holy order names[edit]

When a holy order is created, its name is selected from a list of historical holy orders. When the list ends, randomly generated names will be used. The following is a list of historical names that will be used for the creation of in game holy orders.[1]


Name Faith
Faith's company of location Yes All


Name Faith
Knights of location Yes All
Knights of the Chalice Yes All
Order of the Holy Communion Yes All
Knights of the First Gospel Yes All
Guardians of the Shroud Yes All
Knights of the Reliquary Yes All
Warriors of the Cross Yes All
Knights Templar  Catholicism
Knights Hospitaller  Catholicism
Teutonic Order  Catholicism
Order of Calatrava  Catholicism
Order of Alcántara  Catholicism
Knights of Santiago  Catholicism
Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre  Orthodoxy
Knights of the First Patriarchate  Orthodoxy
Order of the Holy Virgin  Orthodoxy
Order of Saint Anthony  Coptic
Order of Saint Addai  Nestorianism
Order of Saint Patrick  Insular Christianity


Name Faith
Mujahideen of location Yes All
Warriors of the Hadith Yes All
Ghazis of location Yes All
Warriors of the Wahy Yes All
Sahabi of location Yes All
Companions of Hira Yes All
Hashshashin  Nizarism
Bektashi Order  Alevism
Haruriyya  Ibadi


Name Faith
Zealots of location Yes All
Herem Warriors Yes All


Name Faith
Army of Light Yes All
Dreamers of location Yes All
Servants of the Patricians Yes All

Miletê Tawûsê Melek[edit]

Name Faith
Servants of Melek Taus Yes All


Name Faith
Chosen of Ashoka Yes All
Guardians of Bodh Gaya Yes All
Sangha of the Stuggle Yes All
Warriors of the Illuminated Heart Yes All
Shakyan Faithful Yes All


Name Faith
Followers of Arjuna Yes All
Faith Marharatas Yes All
Vyuha of war god Yes All
Vyuha of the Temple of location Yes All
Maharatas of war god Yes All


Name Faith
Bulls of Rishabha Yes All
Jivas of Madhya Loka Yes All
Guardians of the Lotus Ocean Yes All
Sacrifices of Devloka Yes All


Name Faith
Immortals Yes All
Ahura Mazda’s Champions Yes All
Fire Walkers Yes All
Zurvan’s Chosen  Zurvanism


Name Religion
Guardians of divine realm Yes All (except Tibetan, Norse, Greco-Roman, Uralic, Mundhumism & Qiangic)
Faithful of war god Yes All (except Tibetan, Norse, Greco-Roman & Qiangic)
Warriors of the religious symbol Yes All (except Tibetan, Tanism, Norse, Greco-Roman, Mundhumism & Qiangic)
Chosen of Perkunas Baltic
Guardians of the Five Khandro / Tibetan
Warriors of Mother Sun / Tanism
Warriors of Father Moon / Tanism
Sons of Kalevala Finno-Ugric
Jomsvikings Norse
Faithful of Tyr Norse
Odin’s Valkyries Norse
Chosen of Freyja Norse
Myrmidons Greco-Roman
Priesthood of Ares Greco-Roman
Táltos of the Field Uralic
Warriors of Mundhum / Mundhumism
Warriors of the Temple / Mundhumism
Warriors of Perun Slavic
Lords of the Sky Shamanism
Watchers / Mandé
Spirit Guardians Hausa
Possessed Hausa
Servants of the Pangool Senegambian


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