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Friends & Foes

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Release date / Patch
2022-09-08 / 1.7

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Friends & Foes is an event pack for Crusader Kings III. It was announced on 2022-08-31 and was released on 2022-09-08 alongside patch 1.7 "Bastion".

DLC features[edit | edit source]

Beware, ruler - tread carefully with those you call friend or enemy; they are two sides of the same coin. Your relationships matter more than ever; witness those closest to you come alive in the most intimate detail.

Over one hundred unique new experiences of medieval larger-than-life drama wait to be discovered in the new event pack. From rival noble houses holding lifelong grudges to childhood bullies, summer crushes, and spoiling spouses with lavish gifts. Your ruler's everyday existence has never been more fraught - or more exciting.

And remember, your majesty: keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Icon CK3b.png False Friends and Open Enemies - Family, friends, and those out for your blood are fully brought to life in this rich and stirring event pack.

  • Your ruler's day-to-day is filled with a myriad of new events. Experience over one hundred player-driven stories involving childhood, memories, nemeses, wrangling unruly sons, or wooing your significant other with sumptuous attention.
  • With a little help from your friends, uncover novel ways to become pals with those you hold dear or even achieve the coveted best friend status.
  • Be prepared for ever more dangerous rivals, sharpening their vengeful knives to get back at you. Or pre-empt your nemesis with devious new options… if you dare.

Icon CK3b.png Memories, Those Sweet Memories! - Know thy past to understand the present.

  • Your characters will reminisce about their personal history with those closest to them, be it a romantic getaway or the painful humiliation that is the seed of a well-nurtured murder plot.
  • Childhood is a place where happy memories rest… or not. Experience a character's youth in full, from brutish bullies to wistful teenage love.
  • Past deeds will not be forgotten. Be watchful of the wrath of rival noble houses, plotting to right a perceived wrong, even after many generations.

Icon CK3b.png Set the mood with several new music pieces to accompany your ruler's conspiring and scheming.

  • New soundtracks are general, Western European, and Arabian-themed tunes.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Friends & Foes - Announcement trailer. Rulers are only as strong as the people around them. Lift up your allies, put down your enemies, and manage your courtiers in Friends & Foes, a new event pack for CK3.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

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All developer diaries about the Friends & Foes event pack and patch 1.7 (aka Bastion) and patch 1.8 (aka Robe).

Patch 1.8 (Robe)
No. Title and Link Description Date
--- CK3 - PC Update 1.8.1 - Release ..... 2022-12-13
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--- CK3 - "Robe" 1.8.0 Release & Changelog ..... 2022-12-01
111 1.8.0 "Robe" Feature Highlight ..... 2022-11-22
110 A Study in Black ..... 2022-10-25
109 Floor Plan for the Future ..... 2022-10-04
Patch 1.7 (Bastion)
No. Title and Link Description Date
--- Update 1.7.2 - Release ..... 2022-09-29
108 Dev Diary Scheduling & Community Activities ..... 2022-09-20
--- Update 1.7.1 - Release ..... 2022-09-15
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107 1.7.0 "Bastion" Update Notes ..... 2022-09-08
106 A Fistful Of Friends & Foes ..... 2022-09-06
105 1.7 "Bastion" Update ..... 2022-08-30
104 AI AI AI ..... 2022-08-23
--- Let's Talk: Populist Factions ..... 2022-08-04

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