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Introducing CK3 #02 - Dynasty. One Proud Bavarian tackles dynasties and how to make them endure throughout centuries!

A Dynasty represents an unbroken Noble line descending from the same Landed character who founded the Dynasty. Each Dynasty is made up of multiple Houses working towards bringing Renown upon the Dynasty. A Dynasty can be renamed by the Dynasty Head at any point. All Dynasty members have +5  Opinion towards each other.


A family of a character consists of their relatives.

  • A character's grandparents, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren are considered Close Family.
  • Uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces are considered Extended Family.


Marriage.png Marriage is the legal union of two characters in a personal relationship. In Icon CK3.png Crusader Kings III, marriage is only possible between opposite genders. Spouses who are fertile are able to have children. Depending on the Doctrine bastardry.png Bastardry doctrine of a faith, marriage is the only way to have legitimate children. Marriage is one way to form Alliance.png alliances with other characters.

It is possible to have multiple spouses with the Doctrine marriage type.png polygamous marriage type doctrine. If a ruler is able to have multiple spouses, they receive a penalty of -0.25 monthly piety per missing wife, up to -0.75 piety per month. Also, with the Doctrine marriage type.png consorts & concubines marriage type doctrine, a ruler can have one spouse along with up to three consorts or concubines.

Marriage is restricted within one's family depending on their faith's Doctrine consanguinity.png consanguinity doctrine. The offspring of two family members may result in inbreeding, and their children have the chance to receive the Trait inbred.png Inbred trait.

Betrothal is the promise of marriage between two characters. This occurs when at least one of the characters is too young. In order to marry, characters must be at least 16 years old.

Having a lover outside of marriage creates a Secret adultery.png Lover secret. It it is revealed, it may result in the characters gaining the Trait fornicator.png Fornicator and Trait adulterer.png Adulterer traits, depending of the faith's Doctrine adultery men.png/Doctrine adultery women.png adultery doctrines.


Each Dynasty will have a Founding House, usually of the same name as the Dynasty, which is the first House of that Dynasty. Ruling Dynasty members of Feudal or Clan Government who are distant by blood to the current House Head may choose to create a Cadet Branch, a new House under the Dynasty. Each House has its own name and motto, usually inspired by the location in which they are founded and the founding character, which can be changed at will by the House Head. They will also have a unique coat of arms that has two quarters copied from the Dynasty coat of arms.

Creating a Cadet Branch has the following requirements:

  • The character must be blood-related to their current House Head
  • The character must not stand to inherit any of their current House Head's titles
  • The character must have sufficient Prestige
  • All ancestors of the character are dead

If a House Head demands the religious conversion of a House member and the member refuses, it will result in the creation of a new Cadet Branch.

Each character born from a Marriage will belong to the father's House unless the marriage is Matrilineal.

House Head[edit]

The House Head is the leader of a House. House Heads have the power to legitimize bastards, call House members to war at no cost and demand that they convert to their Faith. In addition, House Heads will get a  Weak Hook on all newly born House members. House Heads gain monthly prestige from living and landed members of their house, up to a maximum of +5; +0.02 for every living member, +0.02 for Barons, +0.04 for Counts, +0.06 for Dukes, +0.08 for Kings, and +0.1 for Emperors. When a House Head dies, its Primary Heir becomes the next House Head.

When a character creates a Cadet Branch, they become its House Head, and free from the direct influence of their old House Head unless he or she was the Dynasty Head.

Dynasty Head[edit]

The most powerful House Head of a Dynasty (as determined by military strength) will become the Dynasty Head. Dynasty Head ownership may take up to a year to update on succession.[1] The Dynasty Head gains Monthly Prestige from living and landed members of their dynasty, up to a maximum of +3; +0.01 for every living member, +0.01 for Barons, +0.02 for Counts, +0.03 for Dukes, +0.04 for Kings, and +0.05 for Emperors. The Dynasty Head has access to the following interactions with dynasty members of the same faith:

Interaction Effects Cost
Call Dynasty Member To War Targeted Dynasty Member may join the Dynasty Head's current war 75  Renown
Claim Title Gain an  Unpressed Claim on the targeted Dynasty Member's Primary Title and a temporary -50  Opinion 150  Renown
Disinherit Targeted Dynasty Member gains the Trait disinherited.png Disinherited trait and a permanent -75  Opinion
  • 75  Renown and 150  Prestige if Dynasty Member is Unlanded
  • 150  Renown and 300  Prestige if Dynasty Member is Heir to a title
  • 225  Renown and 900  Prestige if Dynasty Member is Landed
Denounce Targeted Dynasty Member gains the Trait denounced.png Denounced trait and a permanent -50  Opinion
  • 50  Renown and 150  Prestige if Dynasty Member is Unlanded
  • 100  Renown and 300  Prestige if Dynasty Member is Heir to a title
  • 125  Renown and 500  Prestige if Dynasty Member is Landed
End Dynasty Wars All wars between members of the same Dynasty end in White Peace
  • 75 Renown
Forgive Targeted Dynasty Member loses the Trait denounced.png Denounced trait and the  Opinion malus
  • 25  Renown
Restore Inheritance Targeted Dynasty Member loses the Trait disinherited.png Disinherited trait and the  Opinion malus
  • 75  Renown


Renown is a resource accumulated by a Dynasty and is used for the most powerful Dynasty Head interactions, unlocking Dynasty Legacies and increasing a Dynasty's level of Splendor. A Dynasty gains Monthly Renown for the following:

  • +0.02 for each living member
  • For each ruler who is not a vassal under member of the same dynasty
    • +0.12 for each baron
    • +0.25 for each count
    • +0.5 for each duke
    • +1 for each king
    • +2 for each emperor
  • For each member married to a ruler of a different dynasty:
    • +0.1 for each member married to a baron
    • +0.2 for each member married to a count
    • +0.4 for each member married to a duke
    • +0.8 for each member married to a king
    • +1.6 for each member married to an emperor

Level of Splendor[edit]

Firstly, all renown earned by a Dynasty counts towards its Level of Splendor, which determines how well-known the Dynasty is in the eyes of the world, how much Prestige characters get from being born or marrying into it, the maximum long reign Opinion characters can get and how decorated the Dynasty's coat of arms will be. Having a high level also makes it much easier to arrange marriages, especially with Dynasties with a Lower Level of Splendor. The Level of Splendor will only decrease if a player character attempts suicide. Peasant Dynasties start at Base Origins.

Level of Splendor Birth Prestige Marriage Prestige Max Long Reign Opinion Max level for guest Congenital traits Required renown
Icon dynasty prestige 00.png Base Origins 0 -100 +5 1 0
Icon dynasty prestige 00.png Obscure +100 0 +10 1 0
Icon dynasty prestige 01.png Insignificant +200 +100 +15 1 700
Icon dynasty prestige 01.png Noteworthy +300 +200 +20 2 1000
Icon dynasty prestige 02.png Reputable +400 +300 +25 2 2000
Icon dynasty prestige 02.png Well-known +500 +400 +30 2 3000
Icon dynasty prestige 03.png Significant +600 +500 +35 2 4000
Icon dynasty prestige 03.png Famous +700 +600 +40 3 5000
Icon dynasty prestige 04.png Glorious +800 +700 +45 3 6000
Icon dynasty prestige 04.png Fabled +900 +800 +50 3 7000
Icon dynasty prestige 05.png Legendary +1000 +900 +55 3 8000

Dynasty Legacies[edit]

Dynasty Legacies are permanent modifiers and unlocks that can be unlocked by the Dynasty Head and affect every member of a Dynasty. Each Legacy contains five unlocks, each costing a progressively higher amount of  Renown to unlock. If an AI character becomes Dynasty Head it will only unlock Legacies belonging to the tree with the highest current progress.

Tree Legacy 1 effects Legacy 2 effects Legacy 3 effects Legacy 4 effects Legacy 5 effects
Warfare legacy track.png
  • +2 Prowess
  • +15 Knight Effectiveness
-20% Casus Belli Cost +10% Monthly Martial Lifestyle Experience +5 Advantage +1 Max number of Men-at-Arms Regiments
Can recruit House Guard Men-at-Arms
Law legacy track.png
+5 Popular Opinion +0.2 Monthly Control Growth +10% Monthly Stewardship Lifestyle Experience +5 Powerful Vassal Opinion +1 Domain Limit
Guile legacy track.png
+20% Dread Gain +10 Hostile Scheme Success Chance +10% Monthly Intrigue Lifestyle Experience -0.05 Monthly Tyranny 77% chance to prevent one Murder of each Dynasty member
Blood legacy track.png
+30% Chance to inherit good congenital traits
+30% Chance of new good congenital traits
+30% Chance to reinforce congenital traits -30% Chance to inherit bad congenital traits
-30% Chance of new bad congenital traits
Select a congenital trait to become more common from:
Trait beauty good 1.png Comely, Trait intellect good 1.png Quick, Trait physique good 1.png Hale, Trait fecund.png Fecund,
Trait albino.png Albino, Trait giant.png Giant, Trait dwarf.png Dwarf, Trait scaly.png Scaly
The trait has a 5% chance (10% if a parent is a player character) of spontaneously occurring
Applies to all children of the dynasty who have at least one parent from the dynasty
+5 Years Life Expectancy
Erudition legacy track.png
+10 Courtier and Guest Opinion
Better Guests are attracted
+10% Piety +10% Monthly Learning Lifestyle Experience +3 Same Faith Opinion +10% Effectiveness of Councilor Tasks
Glory legacy track.png
+30 Marriage Acceptance +10% Prestige +10% Monthly Diplomacy Lifestyle Experience -20% Short Reign Duration +10 General Opinion
Kin legacy track.png
+10% Fertility Dynasty members get better education +10 Spouse Opinion
Fewer pregnancy complications
+5 Dynasty Opinion
+30% Personal Scheme Success on Dynasty members
+1 Random skill point every 5 years, starting at age 40
Prowess doesn't decrease with age
Dynasty members age at a slower rate

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