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Developer diaries

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Crusader Kings III
Icon CK3b.png Base version

Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Paradox to describe the game design in detail.

Post-release patches[edit]

All developer diaries about the post-release patches, patch 1.1 (aka Chevron) and patch 1.2 (aka Argent)

Patch 1.2 (Argent)
No. Title and Link Description Date
45 1.2 Patch Notes Patchnotes for 1.2 2020-11-24
44 1.2 Bits & Bobs Other Features for the 1.2 Patch: Kill List, Attach to Army, Force Realm Priest Endorsement, Tribal Walls / Tribal Holding variants, Reworked Dynasty UI, Improved Battle UI, Player Coat of Arms Graphics, Rally Point Improvements, Siberian Paganism, Improved Ugliness System, Matrilineal Game Rules, Naming Dynasty Members in Court and New Event Content 2020-11-17
43 A Ruler of Your Own Ruler Designer 2020-11-10
Patch 1.1 (Chevron)
No. Title and Link Description Date
-- Patch 1.1.3 is now live! Patchnotes for 1.1.3 2020-10-15
-- Patch 1.1.2 is now live! Patchnotes for 1.1.2 2020-10-01
42 1.1 Patch Notes Patchnotes for 1.1 2020-09-28

Base game[edit]

All developer diaries about Crusader Kings III (the base game).

Crusader Kings III
No. Title and Link Description Date
41 A Grand Thank You Briefly covers post-launch plans. 2020-09-08
-- Patch 1.0.3. Out now! Patchnotes for 1.0.3 2020-09-03
40 A new journey begins Covers Release and the Dev Team. 2020-09-01
39 Achievements Showcase Covers Achievements. 2020-08-25
38 Legacy Showcase Covers Legacies. 2020-08-18
37 Making Mods Covers Modding and Scripts. 2020-08-11
36 Gotta Go Fast Performance and AI changes 2020-08-04
35 User Testing Before Release How pre-release user testing and feedback works 2020-07-28
34 It’s all about appearances Detailed information about the new portrait system 2020-07-21
33 An Offer You Can’t Refuse Feudal contracts and negotiations 2020-06-30
32 Going Medieval on Audio The soundtrack and background audio of Crusader Kings 3 2020-06-23
31 A Stressful Situation An in-depth description of the pivotal Stress mechanic 2020-06-16
30 Event Scripting An explanation of event scripting in Crusader Kings 3; the possibilities for modders 2020-06-09
29 Even the Smallest Decision... An example of a possible playthrough 2020-06-02
28 Art Focus The art of Crusader Kings 3 2020-05-26
27 Cultures & Cultural Innovations The new union of cultural and technological mechanics 2020-05-19
26 Map Scope In-depth looks at parts of the map; descriptions of special building bonuses 2020-05-12
25 Map Features and Map Modes Terrain, and a look at map modes 2020-05-05
24 Fervor, Religious Hostility, and Doctrine Showcase A description of the fervor/religious hostility mechanics 2020-04-28
23 Holy Orders Updated Holy Orders: founding, hiring and fighting them 2020-04-21
22 A Medieval Tapestry Gender and sexuality mechanics, and diversity in faiths 2020-04-14
21 Custom Faiths and Pagan Reformation On creating new faiths and reforming pagan religions 2020-04-07
20 Religion and Faith Tenets, Doctrines and religious hierarchies 2020-03-31
19 Factions and Civil Wars Factions, faction management and civil wars. 2020-03-24
18 Men-at-Arms, Mercenaries and CBs Casus belli, cost of war declaration, men-at-arms and mercenaries. 2020-03-17
17 Governments, Vassal Management, Laws, and Raiding Government types, feudal contracts, inheritance and raiding. 2020-03-10
16 Tutorials and Tooltips and Encyclopedias, Oh My! Showing the tutorial system and in game encyclopedia. 2020-03-03
15 The Martial Lifestyle The three martial focus traits and trees (strategy, authority and chivalry). 2020-02-25
14 The Diplomacy Lifestyle The three diplomacy focus traits and trees (foreign affairs, majesty and family). 2020-02-18
13 The Learning Lifestyle The three learning focus traits and trees (medicine, scholarship and theology). 2020-02-11
12 The Stewardship Lifestyle The three stewardship focus traits and trees (wealth, domain and duty). 2020-02-04
11 Seduction, Torture and the Intrigue Perk Trees The three intrigue focus traits and trees (skulduggery, temptation and intimidation). 2020-01-28
10 Lifestyle Events Expands on lifestyle events. 2020-01-21
9 Lifestyles The new lifestyle system and skill trees. 2020-01-14
8 Courts, Guests, and Wanderers The augmented courtier system and wanderers. 2019-12-17
7 Characters & Portraits The revamped trait system and portraits. 2019-12-10
6 Council, Vassals, & Spouse Councillor The councilor system and vassal mechanics. 2019-12-03
5 Schemes, Secrets and Hooks The revamped intrigue system. 2019-11-26
4 Development & Buildings Explaining baronies and buildings. 2019-11-19
3 War Updated war mechanics. 2019-11-12
2 The Medieval Map Map changes from CK2 to CK3. 2019-11-06
1 Dynasties & Houses The new dynasty system, houses, renown and legacies. 2019-10-31
0 The Vision The vision for Crusader Kings 3 2019-10-24
0 An Heir Is Born! The announcement diary for Crusader Kings 3 2019-10-19


Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various expansions.

No. Title and Link Description Date
16 Introducing CK3 - Vassals ..... 2020-08-12
15 Introducing CK3 - Schemes ..... 2020-08-10
14 Introducing CK3 - Succession ..... 2020-08-07
13 Crusader Kings III - First Look ..... 2020-08-06
12 Introducing CK3 - Dynasty ..... 2020-08-04
11 Introducing CK3 - Characters ..... 2020-08-03
10 Crusader Kings 3 - July Update Monthly summary of development diaries from July (dev diaries 33-35). 2020-07-31
9 Crusader Kings 3 - June Update Monthly summary of development diaries from June (dev diaries 29-32). 2020-06-26
8 Crusader Kings 3 - April & May Update Monthly summary of development diaries from April and May (dev diaries 20-28). 2020-05-29
7 Crusader Kings 3 - March Update Monthly summary of development diaries from March (dev diaries 16-19). 2020-03-27
6 Crusader Kings 3 - February Update Monthly summary of development diaries from February (dev diaries 12-15). 2020-02-28
5 Crusader Kings 3 - January Update Monthly summary of development diaries from January (dev diaries 9-11). 2020-01-31
4 Crusader Kings 3 - December Update Monthly summary of development diaries from December (dev diaries 5-8). 2019-12-20
3 Crusader Kings 3 - November Update Monthly summary of development diaries from November (dev diaries 1-4). 2019-11-29
2 Crusader Kings 3 - Game Vision Game Director Henrik Fåhraeus lays out his vision for CK3. 2019-11-13
1 Crusader Kings 3 - PDXCON Berlin keynote Keynote for Crusader Kings 3 from PDXCON 2019. 2019-10-20
0 Announcement Trailer - An Heir is Born Announcement trailer to Crusader Kings 3 played in PDXCON 2019. 2019-10-19
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