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Decisions can be modded into the game. They are optional actions that count rulers or above may take.

Location[edit | edit source]

Decisions belong in .txt files in the mod's common\decisions folder. Each text file may contain multiple decisions.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Decisions may be defined like so:

my_decision = {

	# Put keys, etc. here


The part that says my_decision is called the name or key of the decision. It can be anything you want, but it should be unique. If you define another decision with the same name, one of them will override the other (depending on which one is loaded last). It is common practice to give decisions names that end with "_decision".

Keys/blocks[edit | edit source]

The table below shows keys and blocks that may be defined. "Boolean" values may be either yes or no.

Key/block Type Description Example
picture String (file name) Sets the image of the decision.
picture = ""
extra_picture String (file name) An extra picture, currently used by Struggle decisions
major yes/no Whether the decision will be grouped among the ones at the top of the decisions panel. Major decisions are automatically 'important', which means a notification will be shown to the player when they can be taken.
sort_order Number How high in the list of decisions this decision should be placed. Higher numbers are sorted above lower numbers.
is_invisible yes/no
ai_goal yes/no The AI will budget for this decision. ai_check_interval will be ignored if this is set.
ai_check_interval Integer How many months to go between each check of this decision. Has to be set, except if ai_goal = yes is set. An interval of 0 means the AI will never check this decision
cooldown Block How long the decision will be unavailable after it has been taken. Can be in years, months, or days.
cooldown = { years = 5 }
confirm_click_sound String A sound file to play
confirm_click_sound = "event:/DLC/FP2/SFX/UI/fp2_struggle_ending_decision_confirm"
selection_tooltip Localization key or block Overrides the default tooltip for this decision on the decision panel. The default is the decision name plus "_tooltip". It can also be a block like in event descriptions.
title Localization key or block Overrides the default localization key for the decision title, which is normally the same as the decision name. It can also be a block like in event descriptions.
desc Localization key or block Overrides the default localization key for the description, which is the decision name plus "_desc".

It can also be a block like in event descriptions.

desc = start_hunt_decision
confirm_text Localization key or Block Overrides the default localization key for the text on the confirm button, which is the decision_name plus "_confirm".

It can also be a block like in event descriptions.

is_shown Trigger This determines the conditions required for the decision to appear in the decisions tab.
is_shown = {
        has_royal_court = yes
is_valid_showing_failures_only Trigger Can this decision be taken now? Both this trigger and is_valid must be satisfied. The tooltip for this trigger only shows conditions that were not met.
is_valid_showing_failures_only = {
        is_available_adult = yes
        is_at_war = no
is_valid Trigger Can this decision be taken now? Both this trigger and is_valid_showing_failures_only must be satisfied.
is_valid = {
        piety_level >= 3
cost Block Sets the cost of the decision in terms of gold, piety and prestige. The default value for each resource is zero. Not every resource has to be defined. The values can be script values.
cost = {
	gold = 42
	piety = 42
	prestige = 42
minimum_cost Block Like cost, but the character only needs to have that much available. The cost is not deducted when the decision is taken. Useful when the real cost is scripted in events triggered from this decision, and similar cases.
effect Block What the decision will do when it is taken.
add_character_modifier = {
        modifier = vow_of_poverty_modifier
ai_potential Trigger Whether the AI will consider this decision.
ai_potential = {
        always = yes
ai_will_do Block A calculation of the % chance the AI will take this decision when considering it.
ai_will_do = {
        base = 100
should_create_alert Trigger This trigger is checked when the decision would otherwise notify the player that it can be taken. If the trigger is not satisfied, the alert is not shown. This can be good to add if there are situations where taking the decision is possible but not useful.
should_create_alert = {
        gold >= 50
widget String or Block A custom widget for this decision. It must specify a gui that has a file under gui/decision_view_widgets/ and usually needs extra items to be specified for the widget. Rarely needed.
widget = {
        gui = "decision_view_widget_commission_artifact"
        controller = decision_option_list_controller

Values[edit | edit source]

You can define settings (usually at the top of the file) that can be used in the decisions in place of directly writing numbers. This can be useful to avoid repeating yourself, to avoid subtle errors when you change a value in one place but not in another, or simply to emphasize that the value can be adjusted for balance reasons.

For example:

@sale_of_titles_prestige_cost = 500

sale_of_titles_decision = {
        ... stuff ...

        cost = {
                prestige = @sale_of_titles_prestige_cost

        ... stuff ...

Basic example[edit | edit source]

custom_decision = {
	picture = ""
	desc = custom_decision_desc
	selection_tooltip = custom_decision_tooltip

	is_shown = {

		# Put conditions for the decision to show up here.


	effect = {

		# Add effects of the decision here.


	ai_check_interval = 0 # Change this value if you want the AI to consider this decision.

Localization[edit | edit source]

When you create a decision, you must also add entries to the Localization files to describe the decision to the player. For example you can create a file localization/english/my_decisions_l_english.yml to hold the entries relating to decisions you created. See the Localization page for more on how to do that.

Every decision needs at least four entries:

  • One that's identical to the decisions's name, so if you have my_decision, you should have a key my_decision: in the localization file. This gives the title of the decision, shown in the list on the decisions panel.
  • One that's equal to the decision's name plus "_desc", so for example my_decision_desc:. This gives the longer description on the window that you get when you click on the decision.
  • One that's equal to the decision's name plus "_tooltip", so for example my_decision_tooltip:. This gives the tooltip that is shown when you hover over the decision's title.
  • One that's equal to the decision's name plus "_confirm", so for example my_decision_confirm:. This gives the text on the button that takes the decision.

If you want, the default names of these localization entries can be changed with the title, desc, selection_tooltip, and confirm_text entries in the decision. This can be useful if you want to make multiple decisions with the same localization.

Testing Decisions[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, when testing a mod, it is useful to automatically refresh the cooldown of a decision (for example, if testing an on-action triggered when a hunt or a feast begins). This can be done by running effect remove_decision_cooldown = decision_id. See below for a list of ids for built-in decisions.

Decision ID[edit | edit source]

Each decision uses an internal ID for reference within the game's files. The internal name of a decision in the game's files can be found by following these steps:

  • Take the decision's name.
  • Turn all letters into lowercase (A...Z->a...z).
  • Replace spaces ( ) with underscores (_).
  • Add _decision to the end.

Decisions with in-game names that do not match their internal name are included in the table below:

Decision Internal name
Call Hunt start_hunt
Search for Physician hire_physician
Borrow Gold from Holy Order borrow_from_holy_order
Challenge the Ruler tribal_challenge_ruler
Stop Gaining Weight stop_gain_weight
Stop Losing Weight stop_lose_weight
Attempt Suicide commit_suicide
Return Roma return_rome
Determine Bhakti select_personal_deity
Give Your Ancestor a Sky Burial give_sky_burial
Raise a Runestone raise_runestone
Found Holy Order create_holy_order
Revoke Holy Order Lease cancel_holy_order_lease
Go on a Pilgrimage go_on_pilgrimage
Undertake the Hajj go_on_hajj
Restore the Kingdom of Cornwall restore_dumnonia
Reclaim Constantinople set_capital_constantinople
Reclaim Rome set_capital_rome
Restore the Papacy restore_papacy
Form the Swiss Confederation form_switzerland_kingdom
Form Archduchy of Austria form_austria_kingdom
Dismantle the Papacy dismantle_papacy
Restore Carolingian Borders reform_carolingian_empire
Unify the Burgundies unify_burgundy_kingdom
Unify Italy unify_italian_empire
Adopt Feudalism (unused) convert_to_feudalism
Adopt Feudal / Clan Ways through Liege convert_to_feudalism_liege_converted
Adopt Feudal / Clan Ways convert_whole_realm_to_feudalism
Form the Outremer Empire create_outremer_empire
Sell Minor Titles sale_of_titles
Restore the Ash'ari Caliphate restore_sunni_caliphate
Restore Israel create_israel_kingdom
Restore the Faith High Priesthood jewish_restore_high_priesthood
Restore the Faith High Priesthood zoroastrian_restore_high_priesthood
Become the Saoshyant become_saoshyant
Dismantle German Pretenders dismantle_holy_pretender
Dismantle Greek Pretenders dismantle_byz_pretender
Form the Sultanate of Rum form_rum_sultanate
Revive Greater Armenia create_armenian_empire
Consecrate Bloodline declare_bloodline_holy
Build a Grand Church build_grand_church
Faith Cannibalism accept_cannibalism
Request Claim on Ireland england_request_laudabiliter
Inspire Opus Francigenum promote_gothic_innovations
Build a Glass Monument lunatic_building
Promote Christian Settlements promote_hungarian_settlement
Revive Táltosism revive_magyar_paganism
Unite the West Slavs unite_the_western_slavs
Unite the South Slavs unite_the_southern_slavs
Defenders of High God defenders_of_highgod
Found a New Kingdom found_kingdom
Found a New Empire found_empire
Amnesty for False Conversions encourage_confession_of_false_conversions
Restore the Holy Roman Empire restore_holy_roman_empire
Adopt Special Succession Type adopt_special_succession
Found the Kingdom of Aragon form_the_kingdom_of_aragon
Indulge in Drink stress_loss_drunkard
Consume Hashish Cakes stress_loss_hashishiyah
Visit a Brothel stress_loss_rakish
Seclude Yourself stress_loss_reclusive
Lash Out stress_loss_irritable
Flagellate stress_loss_flagellant
Visit the Market stress_loss_profligate
Donate to Charity stress_loss_improvident
Confess stress_loss_contrite
Indulge in Food stress_loss_comfort_eater
Shun Food stress_loss_inappetetic
Write Thoughts Down stress_loss_journaller
Talk to Confidant stress_loss_confider
Work off Some Stress stress_loss_athletic
Accuse the Krstjani of Heresy accuse_krstjani_of_heresy
Prepare to Cross the Carpathians launch_hungarian_migration
Restore the Roman Empire restore_roman_empire (as Byzantine Emperor)
restore_roman_empire_holy (as Holy Roman Emperor)
restore_roman_empire_italian (as Emperor of Italia)
Host Grand Rite host_witch_ritual_decision