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Note: this page is about customizable localization. For similar but different function of flavorization, see Flavorization.

Most in-game texts appearing in user interfaces are static, which means they will never change during time. However, sometimes dynamic texts are needed, when similar but different contents need to be put into same place in different conditions, and that's when Customizable Localization is needed.

Game files[edit | edit source]

The customizable localization are defined in /common/customizable_localization folder. Paradox provides basic tooltip for the usage of customizable localization in file in that folder.

Modding customizable localization[edit | edit source]

Customizable localization can be defined with a key and a scope. Below is an example:

MyCustomLocalization = {
	# allowed types are: 
		# artifact
		# character
		# landed_title
		# province
		# activity
		# secret
		# scheme
		# combat
		# combat_side
		# title_and_vassal_change
		# faith
		# dynasty
	type = character 
	random_valid = yes # optional
	text = { # possibility 1
		localization_key = my_loc_1 # my_loc_1 should be defined in a localization file. same for my_loc_2 below
	text = { # possibility 2
		trigger = {  
			my_trigger1 = no # my_trigger1 should be defined in a scripted_triggers file.
		localization_key = my_loc_2
	text = { # possibility 3
		trigger = {
			my_trigger2 = yes
		localization_key = my_loc_3
		fallback = yes
	# you may add as many text blocks as you want

You may add more multiple texts in one customizable localization. The game will check if each text is valid via their trigger conditions. If random_valid is set to no, then the first valid text will be selected. If random_valid is yes, one result will be picked between all valid texts randomly each time this customizable localization is invoked. If there is one text that fallback is set to yes, then that text will always be picked if none other texts are valid, even if the fall back text is not valid.