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Bookmark modding allows the highlighting of new interesting characters and scenarios on the Select Start Date screen.

Creating the bookmark[edit | edit source]

Create a new file or edit a already existing one in the folder mods/yourmod/common/bookmarks with a corresponding name of your choice. Make sure the labeling stays coherent and is referenced in other files with the same ID. For example bm_3000_wotr.

Make sure to bracket the file lines correctly.

Start by deciding a startdate, which is written in the format like start_date = 3000.5.12 for the 12th of May, year 3000. Next add a is_playable = yes to indicate that it is, in fact, undoubtly, playable by a human being.

Next you decide on the selectable special characters and start defining him/her. For example:

# Halfdan Whiteshirt (York) ID: 163112
	character = {
		name = "bookmark_northmen_halfdan_whiteshirt"      #name has to be localized
		dynasty = 7514                                     #dynasty ID
		dynasty_splendor_level = 1                         #splendor level
		type = male                                        #gender
		birth = 828.1.1                                    #birthdate - defines the age
		title = d_york                                     #held primary title
		government = feudal_government                     #government type
                culture = norse                                    #culture
		religion = norse_pagan                             #religion
		difficulty = "BOOKMARK_CHARACTER_DIFFICULTY_EASY"  #difficulty shown on screen
		history_id = 163112                                #ID
		position = { 765 590 }                             #where it will be located 

		animation = disapproval                            #pose

		# Gudfrid, son who became Duke of Frisia, ID: 168336 
		character = {                                      #same thing for the son
			name = "bookmark_northmen_halfdan_whiteshirt_alt_gudfrid"
			dynasty = 7514
                        type = male
			birth = 844.1.1
                 	culture = norse
                        religion = norse_pagan
			history_id = 168336
			animation = personality_greedy

		# Eldest child and favorite, Saga, ID: 306010
		character = {                                
			name = "bookmark_northmen_halfdan_whiteshirt_alt_saga"
			dynasty = 7514
			type = female
			birth = 845.1.1
			culture = norse
			religion = norse_pagan
			history_id = 306010
        		animation = worry

Character stats and traits are found in the history folder.

Portraits[edit | edit source]

Another folder needed will be bookmark_portraits, which includes the files for the characters selectable in the bookmark screen. They are auto generated files and do not have to be edited.

You use the console via dump_bookmark_portraits. If you instead intend on creating the characters personally, then check out the character modding page.

Bookmark screen[edit | edit source]

\gfx\interface\bookmarks Files here are .dds and are custom made. The positions part in the bookmark file looks at this file for where to put a character. Positions can be found ingame via enabling debug mode.

What can be done is just screenshotting the map then putting it in a .dds file. Won't be as pretty as what Paradox did but it works[1]

gui\frontend_bookmarks.gui size = { 1920 1200 }

Localization[edit | edit source]

A bookmark will not load if it has any character/title history errors.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. More Bookmarks by Leviathonix [1], Credits to Leviathonix [2].