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Introducing CK3 #08 - Technology. Havoc will introduce you to Technology and how you can unlock more of them!

Innovations represent technological, legal and ideological advances that a Culture can make. Once an innovation is unlocked, it can be used by any County and Character of the culture which unlocked it. Innovations are grouped into 3 categories: Military and Civic, Cultural, and Regional.

  • Military and Civic innovations have a small chance to progress towards being unlocked each month based on multiple factors, the most important being average Development in Counties of the Culture. The second most important factor is the number of neighbor Counties that belong to another Culture which already unlocked an innovation (Exposure).
  • Regional innovations are unlocked when the Culture has a sufficient presence in a certain Region, and remain unlocked even if said territory is lost.
  • Cultural innovations are always active, but require a certain Culture.

Feudal and Clan Governments rely on Innovations to unlock higher Crown Authority and De Jure claim Casus belli.

The advancement chance is 5% + Fascination % + 40% there is exposure.

Exposure is gained when another culture within the same religion already has the Innovation.

Fascination is 20% as a base, plus 2% per the Culture Head's Learning skill. With the Scientific perk, these numbers go up to 27% base and 2.7% per the Culture Head's Learning skill.

Amount of advancement gained = 0.3 + (average cultural province Development * 0.02) + 0.2 if ahead in era.

Random Innovations by decisions like "Unite the Slavs" are decided by the in-game date.


Each Culture will be within one of 4 Eras which determine which innovations the Culture can unlock.

Once at least 50% of the innovations of an Era are unlocked and the required minimum year is reached, the Culture will slowly progress to the next Era based on the average  Development in the Culture's Counties.

A culture cannot progress to another Era if its Cultural Head is Tribal.

Era Minimum year Description
Culture era tribal.png
476 The Tribal Era of a Culture predates the emergence of codified laws and an institutionalized government. Rulers with Tribal Government can only make use of Tribal Era innovations.
Early Medieval
Culture era early medieval.png
900 The Early Medieval Era sees the emergence of professional administrators and a number of important innovations, allowing a Culture to exit the Dark Ages.
High Medieval
Culture era high medieval.png
1050 The High Medieval Era is a time of great technological and administrative progress, seeing towns grow into cities and the rise of the burgher class even as the aristocracy reigns supreme.
Late Medieval
Culture era late medieval.png
1200 The Late Medieval Era marks the zenith of the feudal world. Bureaucrats, artisans, merchants and money lenders are starting to encroach on the power of the old privileged classes, except for the monarchs themselves.

List of Tribal innovations[edit]

Unlocking all Tribal innovations is required for the Adopt Feudal Ways and Adopt Clan Ways decision (for independent Tribal rulers).

Civic innovations[edit]

Civic innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation administration 01.png Casus Belli Default cb.png Can use De Jure County Casus belli Might makes right has been the law of the land for generations, but if we have a justification for our wars then we can avoid provoking the ire of our neighbors and the retaliation that often comes with it. innovation_casus_belli
Innovation civil construction 02.png City Planning Holding city.png Unlocks Village Center
Holding church.png Unlocks Shrine and Prayer Halls
Building market villages.png Unlocks Trading Outposts
By designing our cities before we start constructing them, we can create new holdings in strategic locations which are both more functional and aesthetically pleasing than the older ones which haphazardly arose over time. innovation_city_planning
Innovation levy building.png Crop Rotation Yes Unlocks all Tribal Era Economic Buildings By transitioning from the traditional two-field farming model to three-field crop rotation, we can grow more crops each year without depleting the soil on our farms. innovation_crop_rotation
Innovation majesty 02.png Currency +10% Monthly Development Growth Bartering is slow and inefficient; adopting an officially-recognized currency like cowrie shells or metal nuggets will bolster trade and increase the spread of ideas within our realm. innovation_currency_01
Innovation administration 03.png Gavelkind Can enact the Confederate Partition Law Stability and prosperity go hand-in-hand. Instead of having vassals jockey for power when the old monarch passes away, we can define a predetermined, equitable system of inheritance which will eliminate much of the instability which traditionally occurs on succession. innovation_gavelkind
Innovation administration 02.png Ledger +1 Domain Limit As our lands grow, we need a better way to keep track of what we own. Maintaining a ledger of our possessions will ensure that we always know what resources we have at our disposal. innovation_ledger
Innovation leadership 01.png Planned Assemblies Holding tribal.pngUnlocks Fortified Tribal Hold
Crown authority 1.png Can enact Limited Crown Authority Law
In order to effectively govern, we must bring all free men of the realm together to discuss and resolve legislative matters. Attendance is mandatory, and those who do not come will be fined and forfeit their ability to influence any decision made. innovation_plenary_assemblies
Innovation civil construction 01.png Public Works Counties reach the maximum Existing Development penalty at 20 Development Funding the construction of public works like roads, schools, and aqueducts will allow our settlements to grow to larger sizes, ensuring the prosperity of our people for generations to come. innovation_development_01

Military innovations[edit]

Military innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation raised banner.png Bannus +15% Levy Reinforcement Rate Based on the authority to command men in battle, the bann gives our rulers the power to compel free men to fight for them, forming a legal basis for the mustering of large armies. innovation_bannus
Innovation levy building.png Barracks Yes Unlocks all Tribal Era Military Buildings By constructing dedicated buildings for us to quarter our soldiers in we can make sure that we have sufficient space to accommodate our growing armies. innovation_barracks
Innovation fortifications.png Mottes Yes Unlocks all Tribal Era Fortification Buildings Simple yet effective, building our castles on raised earthen mounds is the best way to ensure we quite literally have the high ground over our enemies. innovation_motte
Innovation leadership 02.png Mustering Grounds +2 Size of Men-at-Arms Regiments
+1 Max number of Men-at-Arms Regiments
Simply having people willing to fight for us is not enough to win wars. Setting aside space for people to both train and muster for battle will allow us to support groups of more experienced fighters who can lead us to victory. innovation_mustering_grounds
Innovation siege weapons.png Onager Unit onager.png Can recruit Onager Men-at-Arms While slow to load and fire, torsion-powered catapults like these allow us to assail enemy fortifications while staying out of their archers' range. innovation_catapult
Innovation weapons and armor 02.png Quilted Armor Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Armored Footmen Men-at-Arms Formed of a dozen or more layers of linen stitched together, these jackets can stop even heavy arrows and are an affordable way for us to armor an entire regiment for battle. innovation_quilted_armor

Cultural innovations[edit]

Cultural innovation Cultures Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation special maa 02.png Bush Hunting
  • All Akan
  • All Yoruba
Unit bowmen.png Can recruit Bush Hunters Men-At-Arms The bush is a rough and rugged place, but it offers a bounty of opportunity for those who know where to look and how to exploit it. Training our archers in these techniques will give them an advantage when engaging enemies in these areas. innovation_bush_hunting
Innovation special maa 02.png Chu-ko-nu
  • Han
Unit crossbowmen.png Can recruit Chu-ko-nu Archers Men-At-Arms The repeating crossbow, known as Chu-ko-nu, is an ingenious invention with an easy-to-use mechanism that can be operated by anyone. What it lacks in range and firepower, it more than makes up for in rate of fire, making it an ideal weapon for defensive positions. innovation_repeating_crossbow
Innovation special maa 02.png Compound Bows
  • All Mongolic
  • All Turkic
  • Alan
  • Mogyër
Unit horse archers.png Can recruit Horse Archers Men-At-Arms Crafted from laminated strips of horn, wood, and sinew, our compound bows are much smaller than a traditional bow while being just as powerful. This reduced profile makes it possible to comfortably fire from horseback, allowing us to field truly devastating horse archers in battle. innovation_compound_bows
Innovation special maa 01.png Defensive Tactics
  • All Israelite
Unit skirmishers.png Can recruit Shomer Men-At-Arms Our people have been exiled and driven out time and time again. While tragic, these experiences have led us to become exceptionally skilled in rear-guard tactics which minimize casualties. innovation_mobile_guards
Innovation special maa 02.png Forest Wardens
  • All Baltic
  • All Balto-Finnic
  • All Urgo-Permian
  • All Volga-Finnic
Unit bowmen.png Can recruit Metsänvartija Men-At-Arms Our ancestors have lived in these forests for generations, but now they are under threat by outsiders. Centuries of accumulated experience fighting in forests will aid us in protecting our ancestral homeland. innovation_forest_wardens
Innovation maa 02.png Futuwaa
  • All Iranian
Unit skirmishers.png Can recruit Ayyar Men-At-Arms Our youth have begun forming clubs that promote prowess, vigor, and moral behavior. By endorsing and supporting these clubs, we will ensure a supply of able-bodied soldiers we can rally to our cause. innovation_futuwaa
Innovation special maa 01.png Konni Raids
  • All South Slavic
  • Hungarian
  • Polabian
  • Polish
  • Pommeranian
Unit light cavalry.png Can recruit Konni Men-At-Arms Light cavalry which can strike quickly at exposed enemies before darting back away, our Konni can be formed into regiments which specialize in harassment and raiding. innovation_hussar_raids
Innovation maa 02.png Mountain Skirmishing
  • Afar
  • Somali
  • Welayta
Unit skirmishers.png Can recruit Horn Warriors Men-At-Arms The great mountains in the Horn of Africa pose logistical challenges to many types of armies, but our skirmishers can easily adapt to these conditions to rout enemy invaders. innovation_mountain_skirmishing
Innovation maa 02.png Mubarizun
  • Bedouin
  • Butr
  • Egyptian
  • Mashriqi
  • Nubian
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Mubarizun Men-At-Arms Modeled after the legendary champions of the Rashidun army, our Mubarizun soldiers are trained to excel in both formation fighting as well as single combat. innovation_mubarizuns
Innovation special maa 01.png Sahel Horsemen
  • All Sahelian
  • All Senegambian
  • All Central African
  • Daju
  • Zaghawa
Unit light cavalry.png Can recruit Sahel Horsemen Men-At-Arms The Sahel is a dry and arid plain, where vast distances are often covered with horses. The Sahel Riders are mounted warriors who use light quilted armor and javelins to devastate their enemies. They are quick and can easily brave deserts and drylands. innovation_sahel_horsemen
Innovation nobility 01.png Table of Princes
  • Czech
  • Slovien
Can enact the House Seniority Law and at any Crown Authority The Table of Princes is the royal seat of Bohemian rulers, with the one sitting at the table being recognized as the rightful ruler. Under the code of house seniority, titles were given to the eldest living member of the ruling dynasty. innovation_table_of_princes
Innovation maa 02.png Upland Skirmishing
  • All Guinean Uplanders
Unit skirmishers.png Can recruit Guinean Uplanders Men-At-Arms The hills of the wooded savanna have been our homeland for generations. Our ancestors showed us how to utilize this terrain, and with raiders threatening our borders, we can use this knowledge in our defense. innovation_upland_skirmishing
Innovation nobility 01.png Visigothic Codes
  • Aragonese
  • Basque
  • Catalan
  • Occitan
  • Can enact the High Partition Law
  • Can enact the Equal Law and at any Crown Authority
Although many of the older traditions of the Visigoths have long been wiped from the world, the children of the Pyrenees remember the ancient ways, and how land was divided between sons and daughters practically but fairly. innovation_visigothic_codes
Innovation maa 01.png Zbrojnosh
  • Czech
  • Slovien
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Zbrojnosh Men-At-Arms The forested hills and mountains of our homeland demand a different approach to warfare. Our armed men, the Zbrojnosh, are trained to turn the terrain to their advantage and have proven to be good fighters capable of defeating much larger armies. innovation_zbrojnosh

Regional innovations[edit]

Regional innovation Region Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation elephant.png Elephantry India or South East Asia Unit war elephants.png Can recruit War Elephants Men-at-Arms Elephants are difficult to raise in captivity, so each mahout must capture their own wild elephants and train them. This means there is a delicate art to properly using these great creatures in battle, but it is an art we are dedicated to mastering. innovation_elephantry
Innovation misc inventions.png Longships Northern Europe
  • -75% Embarkation Cost
  • +25% Naval Speed
  • Yes Unlocks the ability to sail in Major Rivers
  • Yes Unlocks the ability to Raid over seas if Raiding is allowed
Our longships are formidable seafaring vessels which can travel almost anywhere and even brave rough weather, giving us exceptional mobility on the seas. innovation_longboats
Innovation camel.png War Camels Middle East, North Africa or Persia Unit camel riders.png Can recruit Camel Riders Men-at-Arms Camels are naturally suited for living in desert terrain, but they aren't inherently creatures of battle. Our breeders and trainers can change this, giving us access to adaptive cavalry which will let us master the sands. innovation_war_camels
Innovation majesty 01.png West African Canoes West Africa
  • -25% Embarkation Cost
  • +10% Raid Speed
  • Yes Unlocks the ability to sail in Major Rivers
  • Yes Unlocks the ability to Raid over seas if Raiding is allowed
The great canoes of West Africa are excellent for navigating rivers and allows us to quickly ferry troops to where we need them. innovation_african_canoes
Innovation weapons and armor 01.png Wootz Steel Deccan India
  • +1 Prowess
  • +2 Heavy Cavalry Damage
  • +2 Heavy Infantry Damage
Also known as Hinduwani or Seric steel, this carbon-rich metal is excellent for making weapons. Wootz steel is widely traded and is deemed the finest steel in the world. Throughout most of history, it has drawn the attention of Arab, Egyptian, Chinese, and even Roman traders. innovation_wootz_steel

List of Early Medieval innovations[edit]

Civic innovations[edit]

Civic innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation misc inventions.png Armillary Sphere +25% Naval Speed Comprised of a spherical framework of moving rings, these devices allow us to chart and predict the movement of the heavens. While a fascinating astrological device in its own right, this knowledge will also help aid our captains when navigating waters far from land. innovation_armilary_sphere
Innovation leadership 01.png Bailiffs +1 Domain Limit A king cannot be everywhere at once. By appointing bailiffs to enforce the king's law throughout the realm, we can govern a larger area more effectively than we could otherwise. innovation_baliffs
Innovation administration 03.png Chronicle Writing Default cb.png Can use De Jure Duchy Casus belli
-10% Casus Belli Prestige Cost
No more will the stories of our family's exploits be passed down just through oral tradition. We will keep a record of all that we accomplish, both to inspire future generations as well as to prove our claims over lands we should rightfully hold. innovation_chronicle_writing
Innovation nobility 01.png Coinage +10% Monthly Development Growth
Unlocks the Coinage Rights Feudal Contract
Unregulated currencies are difficult to control and lack stability. Minted coins, measured to specific weights and stamped with a royal seal, give new confidence to commercial transactions. innovation_currency_02
Innovation nobility 03.png Communal Government Counties reach the maximum Existing Development penalty at 35 Development Larger towns regularly face a series of increasingly complex problems. Delegating some authority to local councils will let them resolve these issues without needing to get the king involved. innovation_development_02
Innovation majesty 02.png Hereditary Rule Can enact the Partition Law Evenly dividing the realm amongst all eligible heirs fractures the unity of our people. Instead of tearing our realm asunder on every succession we can ensure we have a stable and prosperous heartland by establishing a system of hereditary rule. innovation_hereditary_rule
Innovation fortifications.png Manorialism -10% Building Construction Time
Yes Unlocks all Early Medieval Era Economic Buildings
With land ownership consolidated under our elite, many men and women find themselves unable to work. We will establish a manor system where free men can work our fields in exchange for rent, while those who cannot pay may enter our service as bound serfs instead. innovation_manorialism
Innovation majesty 01.png Royal Prerogative Crown authority 2.png Can enact High Crown Authority Law
Crown authority 3.png Can enact Absolute Crown Authority Law
As our royalty has a greater burden placed upon them by their responsibility to govern the realm, so too shall they be bestowed with privileges reserved exclusively for them. innovation_royal_prerogative

Military innovations[edit]

Military innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation knight.png Arched Saddle Unit heavy cavalry.png Can recruit Armored Horsemen Men-at-Arms Light cavalry are a force to be reckoned with, but they do not truly exploit the potential of the warhorse. Arched saddles allow us to field heavily armored warriors with couched lances, which lets them take full advantage of their momentum as they charge into enemy lines. innovation_arched_saddle
Innovation fortifications.png Battlements -5% Men-at-Arms Maintenance
Yes Unlocks all Early Medieval Era Fortification Buildings
Unlocks the Fortification Rights Feudal Contract
Beyond fortifying just the keep itself, building a durable outer wall which can be safely manned by our archers will give our castles an extra layer of protection against attackers. innovation_battlements
Innovation civil construction 02.png Burhs +5% Levy Size
Yes Unlocks all Early Medieval Era Military Buildings
Unlocks the March Feudal Contract
Scattered across the countryside, burhs are important fortified settlements we can use both to muster troops and to serve as administrative centers. innovation_burhs
Innovation maa 01.png Household Soldiers +3 Size of Men-at-Arms Regiments
+1 Max number of Men-at-Arms Regiments
As our noble families grow in power, they need soldiers to enforce their will. Establishing an order of dedicated household soldiers will ensure that we have troops which are better trained and equipped than a standard levy. innovation_house_soldiers
Innovation weapons and armor 01.png Horseshoes +10% Movement Speed A horse with a split hoof will quickly go lame and be unable to work or be ridden into battle. By shoeing our horses with bronze or iron plates, we can keep their hooves healthy and protected from damage. innovation_horseshoes
Innovation siege weapons.png Mangonels Unit mangonel.pngCan recruit Mangonels Men-at-Arms A significant improvement to our existing catapult designs, traction-powered mangonels are much faster to load and fire than torsion-powered machines. innovation_mangonel

Cultural innovations[edit]

Cultural innovation Cultures Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation raised banner.png Alpine Supremacy
  • All Qiangic
  • All Tibetan
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Mountaineers Men-At-Arms The high altitude of our homeland demands different logistics and fighting techniques from our soldiers than the lowlands do. Mastering these abilities will make us undisputed lords of the mountains. innovation_alpine_supremacy
Innovation special maa 01.png Caballeros
  • All Iberian
  • Andalusian
Unit light cavalry.png Can recruit Caballeros Men-At-Arms Andalusian stallions are better at traveling and fighting in rough terrain than other breeds of horses. We can train specialized cavalry regiments which take advantage of this. innovation_caballeros
Innovation special maa 01.png Cataphracts
  • All Byzantine except Alan
Unit heavy cavalry.png Can recruit Cataphracts Men-At-Arms Fully encased in protective iron suits, our intimidating cataphract cavalry can break almost any defensive line by charging straight into it with their lances. innovation_cataphracts
Innovation maa 02.png Desert Mountain Practices
  • Baranis
  • Beja
  • Maghrebi
  • Yemeni
Unit skirmishers.png Can recruit Abudrar Men-At-Arms Since ancient times the people of our mountains have been searching for methods to pasture their herds in inhospitable terrain. Doing so has turned them into very resilient and robust warriors, called Abudrar. innovation_desert_mountain_herding
Innovation special maa 01.png Druzhina
  • All East Slavic
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Druzhina Men-At-Arms Varangian soldiers have long served as imposing bodyguards for our monarchs, but they can just as easily serve as dedicated heavy infantry in our armies. innovation_druzhina
Innovation maa 01.png Hirds
  • All North Germanic
  • Anglo-Saxon
  • Frisian
  • Old Saxon
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Huscarls Men-At-Arms The tradition of keeping armed retinues in service to a household has served us well. By formalizing and expanding this system we can field entire regiments of huscarls in our armies. innovation_hird
Innovation special maa 01.png Khandayats
  • All Dravidian
  • All Indo-Aryan
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Khandayats Men-At-Arms Skilled in the use of the khanda broadsword, our prized infantrymen are adept at both fighting in jungles as well as cutting down enemy light cavalry. innovation_khandayats
Innovation special maa 01.png Royal Army Tradition
  • All Burman
  • +10% Heavy Cavalry Damage
  • Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Palace Guards Men-At-Arms
We have a long tradition of a standing army made to protect the capital. This has given us access to tough soldiers that work exceedingly well with supporting troops, such as War Elephants. innovation_royal_army_tradition

Regional innovations[edit]

Regional innovation Region Effect Descriptions Debug ID
Innovation maa 02.png Ghilman Arabia -15% Men-at-Arms Maintenance Slave-soldiers taken as prisoners of war, ghilman are dedicated fighters who are both more loyal to us and cheaper to pay than common mercenaries. innovation_ghilman
Innovation leadership 02.png Reconquista Iberia
  • -10% Casus Belli Cost
  • Icon piety christian 01.png +10% Monthly Piety
Distracted by infighting, we have tolerated the presence of infidels in Hispania for too long. The time has come for us to rally our forces to drive them from this land once and for all! innovation_reconquista
Innovation majesty 03.png Stammesherzogtum Western Germany
  • +5 Direct Vassal Opinion
  • -25 Vassal Faction Acceptance
Despite coming from different tribes, we recognize the importance of unity and cooperation. Independence is overvalued when stability is what leads to safety and prosperity. innovation_stem_duchies

List of High Medieval innovations[edit]

Civic innovations[edit]

Civic innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation majesty 02.png Banking +10% Monthly Development Growth Particularly large or expensive trades often require an unwieldy amount of heavy coinage. Depositing that wealth in secure treasuries and transferring ownership without moving the physical coins will allow large quantities of goods to be traded more easily. innovation_currency_03
Innovation majesty 03.png Divine Right
  • Yes Can press several Claims in a single war
  • Unlocks the Palatinate Feudal Contract
  • -10% Short Reign Duration
  • -20% Title Creation Cost
  • Icon piety christian 01.png +10% Monthly Piety
It is time that we recognize that it is divine will that has placed our rulers on their thrones, and to oppose them is to oppose divinity itself. innovation_divine_right
Innovation nobility 01.png Guilds +1 Domain Limit As our lands expand it becomes increasingly inefficient to directly manage all trade going on within our domain. By granting guild charters to organizations of merchants and craftsmen we can give them more autonomy over their businesses while still ensuring we profit from their ventures. innovation_guilds
Innovation raised banner.png Heraldry +5% Monthly Prestige
Can enact the High Partition Law
Can enact the House Seniority Law
Establishing hereditary designs to identify our noble families will cause their members to see themselves as part of a greater whole, encouraging them to improve their dynasty's reputation instead of merely being obsessed with personal status. innovation_heraldry
Innovation administration 03.png Land Grants -10% Casus Belli Prestige Cost
+50%"Fabricate Claim on County" Councilor Task Speed
Land is the most valuable reward we can bestow upon our subjects, but there is only so much that we directly own. However, if we were to grant them permission to start farming that unworked land over there... who would object? Even if conflict does result, we will clearly be in the right when we defend our subjects! innovation_land_grants
Innovation leadership 02.png Scutage +5% Republican Vassal Tax Contribution
Unlocks the Scutage Feudal Contract
Military service has always been expected of our subjects, but there are some who are unable or unwilling to provide it. By offering a way for them to meet their obligations with coin instead of steel, we can ensure that we get our dues from everyone. innovation_scutage
Innovation civil construction 02.png Urbanization Counties reach the maximum Existing Development penalty at 55 Development The great cities of Rome, Byzantium, and Delhi have long stood out as relics of a great, unmatchable legacy. As our infrastructure and population grow, we finally have the means to develop new settlements which rival these ancient urban centers. innovation_development_03
Innovation civil construction 01.png Windmills +5% Domain Taxes
Yes Unlocks all High Medieval Era Economic Buildings
The invention of the vertical windmill allows us to harness the power of the wind much more efficiently than before, vastly reducing the labor necessary to grind grains and process raw materials. innovation_windmills

Military innovations[edit]

Military innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation weapons and armor 01.png Advanced Bowmaking +3 Damage for Archers
Unit crossbowmen.png Can recruit Crossbowmen Men-at-Arms
While archers have traditionally made and maintained their own bows, craftsmen have begun making new types of bows which are stronger and more complex than before. By embracing these new designs we can turn these master bowyers into an invaluable military asset. innovation_advanced_bowmaking
Innovation levy building.png Castle Baileys +15% Levy Reinforcement Rate
Yes Unlocks all High Medieval Era Military Buildings
While the keep serves as the heart of a castle, it is far from the only important building. Constructing buildings like the stables and armory in a protected bailey will ensure we can properly garrison and equip our levies no matter the circumstances. innovation_castle_baileys
Innovation fortifications.png Hoardings Yes Unlocks all High Medieval Era Fortification Buildings Placed on the top of our battlements, these wooden constructions extend out above the base of our castle walls.
They allow our defenders to fire arrows, drop stones, or pour boiling oil on attackers while remaining completely protected from enemy archers.
Innovation knight.png Knighthood +5 Direct Vassal Opinion
+20% Knight Effectiveness
By bestowing knighthoods upon our best fighters and paying them with land holdings instead of mere coin, we can give them the honor they deserve as well as secure their loyalty to us. innovation_knighthood
Innovation maa 02.png Men-at-Arms +4 Size of Men-at-Arms Regiments
+1 Max number of Men-at-Arms Regiments
Those skilled in the horse and the lance will always be in demand, but are not always available. Keeping groups of men-at-arms on retainer will ensure that we do not lack experienced fighters when war inevitably breaks out. innovation_men_at_arms
Innovation siege weapons.png Trebuchet Unit trebuchet.png Can recruit Trebuchets as Men-at-Arms An engineering marvel, the counterweight trebuchet can hurl heavy projectiles at distances further than any siege engine that came before it. innovation_trebuchet

Cultural innovations[edit]

Cultural innovation Cultures Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation special maa 02.png Desert Tactics
  • Outremer
Unit light cavalry.png Can recruit Chasseurs Men-At-Arms The Levant is an unfamiliar place with poor terrain for cavalry charges. We should adapt to these lands and field cavalry which is better suited to fight in our new home. innovation_desert_tactics
Innovation special maa 02.png Hobbies
  • Pictish
  • Cumbrian
  • Cornish
  • Irish
Unit light cavalry.png Can recruit Hobelars Men-At-Arms Riders on our Celtic hobby horses are both fast and agile — perfect for scouting and raiding in rough terrain where enemy knights are loathe to go. innovation_hobbies
Innovation maa 01.png Pike Columns
  • All Latin
  • No Lombard
  • No Roman
Unit pikemen.png Can recruit Picchieri Men-At-Arms Pikemen have always been strong defenders, but they have historically lacked in mobility and offense. Devising new formations to address this deficiency will improve our chances of victory in battle. innovation_pike_columns
Innovation maa 02.png Sarawit
  • Ethiopian
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Sarawit Men-At-Arms The highlands where our ancestors settled requires a particular approach to agriculture. The building of terraced fields taught us to develop new military tactics, which are employed by our Serawit soldiers. innovation_sarawit

Regional innovations[edit]

Regional innovation Region Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation nobility 02.png Muladi Northern Africa
  • +10 Different Culture Opinion
    +10% Monthly Development Growth
Wars, raids, and persecution all over the world have driven many people from their homes. By welcoming these displaced souls to our lands regardless of their background we can develop a rich and prosperous society. innovation_muladi
Innovation misc inventions.png Ostsiedlung Eastern Germany
  • +15% "Promote Culture" Councilor Task Speed
    +15% Monthly Development Growth
The lands to our east are sparsely inhabited, but rich in natural resources. Establishing an initiative to expand and establish homesteads there will lead to the growth and prosperity of our people. innovation_east_settling
Innovation nobility 03.png Peerage Francia
  • +10% Vassal Tax Contribution
  • +5 Direct Vassal Opinion
  • -10 Fellow Vassal Opinion
  • Must be unlocked through the Inspire Opus Francigenum decision
By rightfully recognizing the most illustrious amongst the noble vassals of our realm we will foster a sentiment of greater loyalty towards the crown. innovation_french_peerage
Innovation administration 01.png Seigneurialism Francia +5% Domain Taxes By delegating more responsibilities to local nobles, we can both make them happy as well as freeing up more of our attention to focus on our own domain. innovation_seigneurialism

List of Late Medieval innovations[edit]

Civic innovations[edit]

Civic innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation nobility 02.png Court Officials +1 Domain Limit Our realm has expanded to the point where even minor nobles cannot administer everything effectively. Appointing court officials and bureaucrats to handle the more mundane court tasks will ensure that the wheels of government continue turning smoothly. innovation_court_officials
Innovation civil construction 01.png Cranes -15% Building Construction Time
Yes Unlocks all Late Medieval Era Economic Buildings
A forgotten marvel of engineering, the Romans used tread-wheel cranes to great effect when building their empire, and so too shall we. innovation_cranes
Innovation majesty 03.png Ermine Cloaks +10% Monthly Prestige Anyone may claim a title, but in order to be a true monarch they must inspire awe and majesty in their subjects. Our new ermine cloaks are a form of regal dress which is sure to accomplish just that. innovation_ermine_cloaks
Innovation nobility 01.png Noblesse Oblige +5 Direct Vassal Opinion
+5 Fellow Vassal Opinion
Nobility is more than just privileges and rights; it also comes with a duty to the realm, an obligation to act in ways that are proper and just. Clearly establishing what is expected from our elite will give us an ideal to aspire to and bring us together as we work to achieve it. innovation_noblesse_oblige
Innovation majesty 01.png Primogeniture Can enact the Primogeniture Law
Can enact the Ultimogeniture Law
One kingdom, one heir. While the younger children of our monarch may feel forsaken by being denied an inheritance, this is the best way to ensure we keep a stable realm which does not get torn apart by succession crises. innovation_primogeniture
Innovation administration 01.png Promissory Notes +10% Monthly Development Growth An evolution of earlier banking systems, paper promissory notes allow our citizens to quickly and safely trade goods and services across large distances without being weighed down by heavy specie. innovation_currency_04
Innovation misc inventions.png Renaissance Thought Counties reach the maximum Existing Development penalty at 90 Development Developments in science, philosophy, and logic have turned our cities into wondrous centers of education and innovation. The massive technological and cultural leaps we are now making has put hitherto undreamed potential within our grasp. innovation_development_04
Innovation leadership 01.png Rightful Ownership -10% Casus Belli Prestige Cost
Default cb.png Can use De Jure Casus Belli
Yes Can press multiple Claims of another Character in a single war
It is our divine right to possess our de jure lands, and it is time the world recognizes this fact. No longer will we be held back by obsolete protocols and decorum. innovation_rightful_ownership

Military innovations[edit]

Military innovation Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation siege weapons.png Bombards Unit bombard.png Can recruit Bombards Men-at-Arms The development of gunpowder-based weaponry has allowed us to surpass the limitations of levers and pulleys. Our new siege weapons can tear down enemy walls with a force and efficiency that our ancestors could scarcely dream of. innovation_bombard
Innovation fortifications.png Machicolations Yes Unlocks all Late Medieval Era Fortification Buildings A notable improvement on our earlier hoardings, stone machicolations serve the same purpose while being significantly more durable and offering more protection for our defenders. innovation_machicolations
Innovation weapons and armor 02.png Plate Armor +3 Heavy Cavalry Toughness
+3 Heavy Infantry Toughness
The ultimate form of personal protection, a well-crafted suit of plate armor has articulated joints which give it a superior range of motion to earlier armors, while being all but impenetrable to enemy weapons. innovation_plate_armor
Innovation levy building.png Royal Armory +15% Levy Reinforcement Rate
Yes Unlocks all Late Medieval Era Military Buildings
As the size of our armies increases, we must guarantee that each and every soldier will be properly armed and armored. The establishment of a royal armory to produce and house all of our armies' equipment will go a long way towards meeting this need. innovation_royal_armory
Innovation weapons and armor 01.png Sappers Unit stat siege progress.png -10% Siege Phase Time It does not matter how strong a our enemy's walls are if the earth beneath them can be dug through. Employing sappers to undermine enemy fortifications is an effective way to breach even the toughest defenses. innovation_sappers
Innovation leadership 02.png Standing Armies +5 Size of Men-at-Arms Regiments
+1 Max number of Men-at-Arms Regiments
Military levies provide us with large numbers of soldiers, yet no matter how well we try to train and equip them they will always be inferior to professional soldiers. Establishing a large standing army will ensure the interests of our realm are enforced by the best fighters around. innovation_standing_armies

Cultural innovations[edit]

Cultural innovation Cultures Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation special maa 02.png Adaptive Militia
  • Dutch
Unit skirmishers.png Can recruit Goedendag Militia Men-At-Arms Weapons like the goedendag are cheap and easy to produce, yet surprisingly effective against cavalry charges. Their existence allows us to adapt our militias to have much better odds when fighting armored knights. innovation_adaptive_militia
Innovation special maa 02.png Legionnaires
  • Roman
Unit heavy infantry.png Can recruit Palatini Men-At-Arms Just as we have restored the Roman empire, so too shall restore the structure of the old Roman legion and its feared elite troops! innovation_legionnaires
Innovation special maa 02.png Longbow
  • English
  • Welsh
Unit bowmen.png Can recruit Longbowmen Men-At-Arms Taking advantage of the strong yew wood that grows here, our bowyers have learned to make longbows so powerful they require specialized training from an early age to use effectively. This investment is worth it, as our longbowmen can shoot arrows which travel further and penetrate deeper than those fired by other archers. innovation_longbows
Innovation special maa 01.png Rectilinear Schiltron
  • Gaelic
  • Scots
Unit pikemen.png Can recruit Schiltron Men-At-Arms The traditional pike circle is a powerful defensive formation, but it is limited in offense and mobility. While requiring great discipline to employ, our rectilinear schiltron is a superior formation which is capable of both powerful offensive and defensive tactics. innovation_rectilinear_schiltron
Innovation special maa 01.png Valets
  • Breton
  • French
  • Norman
  • Occitan
Unit heavy cavalry.png Can recruit Gendarmes Men-At-Arms Establishing a valet system of dedicated servants for our noble horsemen will enable us to field knights who are both better armed and armored. innovation_valets
Innovation special maa 01.png Zweihanders
  • Frankish
  • Lombard
  • All Central Germanic except Dutch and Frisian
Unit pikemen.png Can recruit Landsknechts Men-At-Arms These massive two-handed swords are as adept at cutting down charging knights as they are at breaking enemy pike formations, making them a formidable addition to our own pike regiments. innovation_zweihanders

Regional innovations[edit]

Regional innovation Region Effect Description Debug ID
Innovation maa 01.png Condottieri Italia
  • -25% Same Culture Mercenary Hire Cost
  • +100% Number of Mercenary Companies
Being both wealthy and centrally located, Italy has become a major center for mercenary companies to travel to when not on active campaign. Since they are already here, we should be able to negotiate a better rates for them than they would normally charge. innovation_condottieri
Innovation nobility 04.png Deccan Unity Deccan India +5 Same Faith Opinion The influx of new beliefs and religions into our society has made it clear that our past focus on regionalism has been a mistake. We should band together with others of our faith and ensure a strong and enduring state that can stand up to external pressures. innovation_deccan_unity
Innovation civil construction 02.png Wierdijks Netherlands
  • +1% Levy Size
  • +10% Monthly Development Growth
  • -10% City Holdings and Buildings Construction Time
Building strong and reliable dikes is an essential task if we wish to live and prosper within the low countries. New techniques of reinforcing earthen dikes with seaweed mats will increase their strength and durability. innovation_wierdijks


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